Birds of prey original run

I was wondering if any one could answer my question. In the original birds of prey run is huntress in the whole thing? Or just from issue 57 (return of the huntress) on? Thanks for the help in advance


No, it’s mostly just Oracle and Black Canary. Huntress does appear in the Birds of Prey: Manhunt mini-series. If you’re looking for more of the Huntress, check out my BOP chronology: Birds of Prey: The Complete Chronology


Yeah, Birds Of Prey was really a partnership in the beginning with Black Canary as the field agent and Oracle as her remote support. That’s why I always find it funny when people criticize the Birds Of Prey film for not including Batgirl because it’s not BOP without Batgirl. For a lot of us, it’s not BOP without Oracle.


Welcome to the Community @BriBri02! You are correct. Huntress does not (officially) join the Birds of Prey until about mid-way through the series.

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