Birds of Prey from the ground up


This is a thread in a similar vein to my “Pick a Legion of Superheroes” thread, where I want people to give me their ideas for building the Birds of Prey team “from the ground up” with the caveat that all of the characters actually have to have a bird-theme to their costuming, codenames, and/or powers.

Here’s my “flock”:

  • Barbara Gordon, AKA Nightwing (the team’s ‘facilitator’ and ‘benefactor’, Barbara followed her uncle James into public law enforcement while also becoming a vigilante after the death of her parents, but was shot in the line of duty and paralyzed, after which she continued her vigilante career by recruiting and training others to fight in her stead)

  • Helena Kyle, AKA Robin (Barbara’s first protege and recruit, Helena is the daughter of a prostitute named Selina Kyle whom Barbara befriended after rescuing her from a mob boss named Frank Bertinelli, who may or may not be Helena’s father)

  • Benjamin Reyes, AKA Condor (a former police officer who served with Barbara, but resigned and became a vigilante after discovering that the incident that caused her paralyzation was actually a ‘hit’ put out on her by their superiors; shortly after becoming a vigilante himself, he was recruited by Barbara because of their pre-existing friendship)

  • Dinah Redmond, AKA Black Canary (a young “metahuman” runaway and orphan who has sound-based and telepathic powers and may or may not have a connection to a dangerous criminal organization known as the Court of Owls)

  • Hank and Don Hall, AKA Hawk and Dove (two “metahuman” brothers whose powers were activated when they and their parents were gunned down in the streets in what initially appeared to be a random act of violence; surviving as a result of the activation of their powers, they were found by Condor and Robin and taken back to Barbara, who nursed them back to health and helped them discover and apply their metahuman abilities in pursuit of justice)

The team’s ‘home base’ is the city of Platinum Flats, California, a hotbed of crime, corruption, and ‘class warfare’ where the rich and powerful actively prey upon and suppress the less fortunate.

Now it’s everyone else’s turn to build and share their own team of bird-themed crimefighters.


I choose Felicity Smoak (Black Canary),
Jason Todd and Roy Harper (Hawk and Dove), Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson (Hawkgirl and Hawkman), Harper Rowe (Robin) and Selina Kyle (Raven)

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