Birds of prey early screening in nyc

I just got back from the early screening in nyc! It was fun they were doing a thing in times square but I didn’t stick around that long because I had to go to screening

And the actors and actresses were there before the screening!
And we got goodie bags!

Thanks again DCU :grinning: I’m glad I ended up going after all. It was very worth it


So cool! It seems like a ton of fun.

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Nice. How did you like the movie?

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It was decent. :harleyquinn_hqas: Worth a watch I think. The action, humor, and aesthetics were on point but felt very Harley Quinn based.
Black mask was amazing and I loved Huntress for the little bit that she was on screen.

I went in with low expectations and I felt like it delivered. Of course I’d rank it above suicide squad but all the recent DC movies surpass it. I felt like it was missing that superhero element. Every time they said Gotham or Joker I remembered I was watching a DC movie.

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Cool, thanks for sharing.

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