Birds of Prey Censored TV-14 version

Did anyone watch the censored version that was accidentally put on HBO Max? I found out too late and was curious what was different between the two versions.

Is the toned-down version still on there?

No, but I’ve heard it’s pretty funny. Maggot farmer. Still want to watch it though.

Not that surprising, with the numerous instances where the show avoids R-rated content. I would be interested to see what they do with the “exploding blood” shootouts - are those shots wildly different, or the same shots without blood?

I watched a YouTube video on some edits and the full video was on Facebook or such. In addition to the maggot farmer change, Harley gives a peace sign instead of the bird (of prey), and the gory elements on the bridge are removed. Here’s the video (first of three) for the YouTube and if you search the account, all three videos are in succession: Hbo max censored Birds of Prey 😤 #DCEU #harleyquinn - YouTube

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