Birds of Prey by Azzarello

Has anybody read this yet? I’m a big Azzarello fan, is this book worth a purchase?

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I’m a big Azzarello fan, especially when its him writing characters in the Batman universe. So without having read a word of it, my gut instinct is hell yeah.


This book is very much hit and miss. The basic idea of the story is pretty good. However, some of the characteristics of certain characters are completely off. (I am purposely keeping this vague.) One thing that hinders the title is that it had many roadblocks before it finally made it to stores. Birds of Prey was originally supposed to be an ongoing series and was scheduled for an October release. Then it was announced to be a Black Label title and a one-shot. The reason I bring all of this up is that it affected the flow of the story. There are many things that feel rushed and that didn’t need to be. With all of that said, it isn’t a bad Birds of Prey story but it is nowhere near the top of the list. There was a $0.99 digital release a few weeks back that featured the same characters but was a better Birds of Prey story.

One thing that I do want to point out is that the art is excellent! The cover art on the variant is beautiful and the interior is excellent.

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I enjoyed it, but the story did feel super rushed.


Well, I bought and read it. I agree it was hit and miss, and Montoya didnt feel right to me. Still, it was a decent read and a good way to pass some time. The art and coloring were great.

It did feel rushed, and the characters fates were left in positions that weren’t satisfying as an ending.

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Short answer: not really.