Birds of Prey | Book Club Wks: 35–38| SPOTLIGHT: Black Canary | Kicking & Screaming 4-7/Brave & The Bold 107/Wonder Woman 34-35

Hey everyone! It’s time for another Spotlight on one of our very favorite metahumans, :00_black_canary: :muscle: Black Canary!

First, we’ll be returning to her 2015 solo series w/ Pt2 of Kicking & Screaming:

Black Canary: Kicking & Screaming 4-7

Next, we have a team up w/ none other than The Amazon herself, :00_wonder_woman_gold: Diana Prince:

Wonder Woman (2006) 34 & 35

Last, we have a single issue…all the way from “the vault”:

The Brave and the Bold (1955-) 107

This activity will be running ALL month long! :books:

We’ll take the first two weeks (8/30-9/12) to read, then discuss during weeks 3 & 4 (9/13-9/30). Did you enjoy them? Have you read them before? What did you think of the dialogue or artwork? Anything about the reading you’d like to discuss—drop your thoughts below when you’re ready. :purple_heart: See ya soon!

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Sidenote: Anyone checked this out yet?

And here’s another track from the Kicking & Screaming Ep. :notes::black_heart::yellow_heart:


Hey, I just read this! :grin:

I have some catching up to do as I haven’t read the first issues of that Black Canary series. Looking forward to learning more about Dinah!


All that Gail Simone talk, and I knew Canary had a spotlight coming up this month—it just made sense. :purple_heart:

Hope you enjoy it! Luckily we’re not too far ahead! :eyes:


Is this a novel? I haven’t seen it before but that cover art is great.

I have read this, though, and enjoyed it:

I love all the DC Kids graphic novels I’ve read so far. Lots of great art and character stuff, just without any content that would be less suitable for children, obviously. Comixology is having an insanely good sale on most DC graphic novels for Labor Day, including this one.


I took a peek at the Black Canary Breaking Silence book, but I’m just not into dystopia stuff as much, so didn’t finish it (though I did like the Catwoman Soulstealer entry in that series). Black Canary: Ignite, though, is one of my favorite comics of the past several years - so full of energy, appeal, and history blending without being awkward or forced. Really awesome stuff!


It is! Hopefully going to start it this week!
I’ve enjoyed quite a few of the YA novels. About to finish one :rose: Havent read Ignite yet. Sale, you say?? :eyes:

Between you and @millernumber1, I think I’m going to have go for it. :sunglasses:


I’ll need to look into these!

The other DC Kids GNs I’ve read and enjoyed, in case you want to check them out:
Zatanna and the House of Secrets
Green Lantern: Legacy
and of course,
Diana: Princess of the Amazons

All fun, all have gorgeous artwork, and I do believe they all have free samples you can try. Kinda can’t beat $2 a piece though! (There I go giving my unsolicited opinions again. :sweat_smile:)


We like your unsolicited opinions here tho! :purple_heart:

:memo: I really ought to compile a list one of these days, but definitely have a look! DC Ink has some good stuff.

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Okay, this was my reading project this week! :00_black_canary:

Kicking & Screaming:
I’m enjoying this so far. Cool blend of band life and metahuman stuff. Ditto’s my favorite. The stuff with Dinah’s husband is really sad. Seriously, is anyone in DC comics allowed to have a lasting and happy relationship? :cry:

Wonder Woman (2006):
I read this sometime last month. It’s a good series and the side mission with Dinah was a fun break from the main storyline. Love her and Diana as a team-up.

Feels like I’m being attacked? :rofl:

She’s not…I mean…okay, yes, she is sexy and expensive and from Japan…but…um, yeah, the only difference is she doesn’t have a sword. :sweat_smile:

Finally, the Brave and the Bold:
Interesting to see this team-up with Batman from the 70’s.

I had to stop and remind myself what I was reading at this intro:

Did they used to call Batman the “Masked Manhunter”? Why is this? And how many different Manhunters are there in DC? :exploding_head:


They did.

He hunts criminals and wears a mask. Okay, it’s a cowl, but still. :slight_smile:

Quick thoughts on these reads:

  • DC You Black Canary: Not a fan. Just can’t get into this book, try as I have.

  • Wonder Woman v3 #34: Love it! Gail Simone is awesome, and her Wonder Woman run is no exception (her Flash Giant and JLA Classified runs were great too, as was Wonder Woman/Conan and well, everything she’s done, really).

  • The Brave and The Bold v1 #107: Best book of the bunch, for me. Jim Aparo (the cover and interior artist of the above) is one of my all-time favorites that goes back to childhood.

When I got The Brave and The Bold #142 (which co-stars Black Canary, for any who might want more of her from this series) as part of a bundle of assorted DC comics in 1990, he artistically defined Batman and Aquaman for me, not only as a kid then, but all throughout the years since as well. Aparo is one of the all-time comic book GODS, and his work in #107 is but one of many textbook examples of why.

I have. It was good. I enjoyed the Wonder Woman and Catwoman books in the line much more, but for what the BC book was, it was good.

Indeed! My favorites have been:

I forget if this was part of the DC Ink brand, but either way (and like the two books above), it’s also yet another solid OGN worth one’s time:

Hands-down though, this is my favorite YA OGN of the last year and change:

I absolutely loved that book. It’s was one of my Top 20 of 2020 reads, regardless of format/property/what have you. Just one of DC’s absolute bests from last year.

If and when Primer toys and collectibles happen, I’m getting in line for 'em.

One final note on OGNs, this book comes out this coming Tuesday, the 14th:

As a big fan of Jess, I’m eager to check this one out. The cover’s pretty snazzy too, what with all the varying shades of green (and bits of purple, as well).

Anyhow, I haven’t made a BOP BC dealy in a long time, but I’m glad I made time for this one as, DC You Black Canary aside, these were very solid reads. :metal:t2:


I’ve already read the Wonder Woman series, so I will start by saying:
:raised_hand: I’m just a big ol’ shameless Gail Simone fan. I enjoy everything of hers that I’ve ever read, and this is NO exception. She just gets the characters she writes, there’s warmth and intensity in the right spots , and she always makes me laugh. That complete package is what helps make the characters more accessible to a broad audience. (We need more of that, DC!) Plus, BC and Diana is just a fun team up, I would gladly read again.

I :heart: that we start w/ polar bears, btw, and that shopping trip was definitely fun.

@Angel212 :laughing: “Sexy sword girl” I bet that’s how some brains compute Wonder Woman—sooo embarrassing. I felt that, D. Even though…it’s not entirely UNtrue.

Sword? :white_check_mark: (Sometimes, so let’s just say yes)
Sexy? :white_check_mark: Not a matter of opinion, just fact.
Girl? :-1: I’ll quote DCSHG: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: “I am not a GIIIRL. I alone survived the 21 tests of Athena! I AM A WOMAN!” lol

SN: They need to add Canary and Huntress to the show (and HQAS). :00_black_canary: :00_huntress1: Omg, they would be hilarious! :raised_hands:

Okay. Next: The Brave and The Bold, because a trip to the vault is always fun!

I enjoyed it—the art was easily my favorite part. I’ve been reading mostly newer books lately, so there was something refreshing and different about it. Nice little break to ye olden days. One of these days I’ll read the whole series! :eyes: :books:

Black Canary (2015): I know this run is very different, but that’s part of what I enjoy. Variety is good, even if for no other reason, it makes us appreciate the things we like even more, but this is a good intro for someone young, who’s not really sure what she’s about. The artwork is fun and is really what moves things forward, and makes for a pretty quick read, even when the dialogue works, but can feel a touch slow. Agree w/ ya there @Vroom. And this was good too​:point_down: :catwoman_hv_2: :black_heart:


NGL, and no spoilers for those who haven’t yet read it, but there’s a scene in Under the Moon that made me feel like I got punched in the stomach, while also tearing up.





Honestly, I think that name for her was more a reference to the way English can be sometimes inaccurately used in Japan. Which I’m a little uncomfortable with, from a cultural sensitivity standpoint. But I take your point, there’s probably many people who think of Diana that way.

Barry Allen calls her “sword lady,” is that more respectful? :rofl:

Cyborg: They’re safe. Get back to the tunnel.

Flash: Tunnel. Right. Aliens, bad guy, sword lady.


Maybe they will! Been awhile since they added anyone new. I mean, we got Katana… :thinking:


lol, Sword lady! Exactly! Of course, I’m never fond of “girl” being used for grown women and “man” being used for teenage boys, but then “Happy Magic Fun” and my brain just went straight to oversimplified marketing—selling sword play and Party City costumes for some reason. :see_no_evil: Probably because it’s Halloween :jack_o_lantern: which =
Sexy nurse, Sexy bar wench, Sexy sword girl costumes. lol, Oh the names are so bad. :facepalm_catwoman:

I hope so. We were just talking about Barda—she’d be a fun addition too.


I didn’t even think of this but you’re so right. :sweat_smile:

Have you watched any of Gen 1 DCSHG? Barda has a pretty big role in that.


A few, but no. I was saving it for when we watch here. :tv: :partying_face:


Speaking of Barda in animation, check out Season 2, Episode 2 of Justice League Unlimited, “The Ties That Bind”. Farrah Fawcett voiced Barda. :slight_smile:

As a huge Barda fan, I loved her in the Supergirl from Krypton arc from Superman/Batman and the movie based on it, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. The pit battle where her and Diana go up against the Female Furies (be it in the comic and/or the movie)? Boss. :metal:t2:


I have that book and I have started it but then comics get in the way. I am supposedly getting a signed poster by the cover artist and Alexandra Monir as part of a promo from Casually Comics. I have received an email from Alexandra Monir.

On March 31st I received this email:

Thank you, DS! I hope you enjoy the book! Your poster will be going in the mail shortly. :slight_smile:

Take care, and happy reading!

All The Best,

Alexandra Monir

Then on April 23rd I received this email:

Happy Friday! I just wanted to follow up with everyone who purchased Black Canary through the Casually Comics promotion, and let you know your poster should arrive in the next couple weeks- apologies for the delay! We had a lot of mailings to do and it’s taken me a bit longer due to writing deadlines and a new pregnancy. :slight_smile: I really hope you enjoyed the book, and I’m excited for you to have the poster in your hands soon!

All The Best,

Alexandra Monir

I still don’t have that poster to hang on my wall. :frowning: