Birds of Prey | Book Club Wks: 27–30 | TEAM ORIGINS | Series Read, Pt 1: Birds of Prey 1-11

Agree. I think the scene was written to say something a lot readers feel, sometimes— Alfred even says! :eyes:

Also, @D4RK5TARZ @millernumber1 @biff_pow I read them both in their early 30s. :woman_shrugging:t2: Get what you’re saying tho, biff.


i also love the running gag with the Iron Brigade. i have a feeling the joke’s over, but i’d be okay with it being a series-long thing.


On the rest of the books:

Issue 7 – Best of Enemies

Eh…it’s okay. The guest art by Peter Krause is solid, but the whole plot of “hero has to protect evil man” was overdone well before this story came out and has been done way better since.

Issue 8 – That Dick/Babs Issue Everyone’s Read

The fact that it’s told in flashback is…odd. Like I legit don’t understand why. Overall, it’s a cute story about Dick and Babs but it also doesn’t really do much or progress their relationship in any big way.

Issues 9-11 – The Wrong Guy

“Oh hey, a Guy Gardner team up? With Black Canary, a former teammate from the JLI days?! Oh snap! It sounds more like weird nineties ‘Warrior’ Guy but this should be f–wait. Wait. This…is a clone? That’s…lame.”

It WAS cool to see the Superman cameo. Really highlights Oracle’s reach that she can pull a favor from him. I also liked how the military guys we’ve been dealing with since the start kind of got on the forefront and got themselves a little W for all the trouble the Birds have put them through.


This is a huge part of her character and will also be shown later in the series where her pull hurts her from bad experiences with other characters. I can think of one person, in particular, that doesn’t get along with Babs.


Been really behind in my reading but just binged these over a couple days and had a great time. Dinah and Barbara are some of my very favorite characters and it’s great seeing these early days. And that Superman cameo was pretty cool, but as Babs says, she’s Oracle, she knows everyone! :purple_heart: