birds of prey 43 is missing in catalog for Bruce wayne fugitive story

Bruce Wayne: Murderer was supposedly added to the universe catalog but Birds of Prey issue #43 is missing. Please add it.


I’ll be sure to submit your request over to the team! :blush:


While you’re here: It’s not just that issue. The entire latter half of the story arc from that issue on is missing. I’ve mentioned this a lot, but haven’t seen anybody else talking about it, so sorry if I’m being repetitive, but I just want to make sure you guys know that happened. I assume that was some kind of glitch or mistake, since up to Birds of Prey #43, all of Murderer? and Fugitive were uploaded together.


I’m not exactly sure, but I do know we have several requests on several lists.
I am more than happy to go ahead and resubmit this information, but it could just be that it’s a little further down the list.

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Yeah only the first few books to the fugitive half of the story are uploaded. Its strange to promote the story arch in the comic section if we aren’t going to be able to read the entirety of the story.

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I agree with gothamknight666 i was getting into it… but its a head ache trying to find the correct order especially when some issuses that continue the story arent considered to be part of the miniseries… there should be a link that brings you to the whole story arc and all its issues in order… and a story line shouldnt be promoted if all the issues arent available yet…

I’m gonna end up reading a different arc and possibly completely miss when Birds of prey issue 43 is available