Birds of Prey 2020

Also just watched the trailer/teaser.

Director: so should we try to hide the fact that the movie’s budget appears to be $25 and whatever Hot Topic/Forever 21 will lend us?

People in charge: LOL no!

That being said, I’ll probably watch it.

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I’m so excited for this Harley Quinn is one of my favorite characters

Do you honestly think WB/DC thought they were going to immediately catch MCU at that point? If so, why did The Hollywood Reporter state the goal was $750 million.

You don’t don’t build a true comic book universe franchise over night. MOS/BBS/JL were all films that fell short of a 3.5x ROI on production company costs. SS came in with over 4.2.

WB/DC knows full well it has ground to make up to Marvel in the live action film space. The are making progress with WW, Aquaman, Shazam and, yes, even Suicide Squad. Was Endgame really a 2 billion+ movie, or was the mktg, and culmination in a 10+ year (15+ movie) finale? The real question is where do both companies go from here.

To think at the time SS was slated to take on MCU films head to head was/is not reality. Even the WB brass knew it.

Luckily WB was smart and has now cut their ties to a director that was making movies at an expense to ROI basis that was not acceptable.

As for Hollywood caring only about the money. Uhmmm, yeah, all Hollywood cares about is the money on an ROI basis. MOS, BVS & JL didn’t do that. However, give her her own movie, that didn’t have anything to do with her storyline in BVS or JL and a certain Zack Snyder not touching a piece of it, and watcha know. 821mill at the BO for a production cost of 150mil and surprise surprise, an ROI of 4.7.

What did DC find out. The didn’t need BVS or JL to introduce the character and have brand of recognition. WW is her own brand and can make money.


@Knox I haven’t read your whole comment, and I’m very happy for you and I’m a gonna let you finish, but yes, I absolutely do believe that WB studio execs thought they were going to immediately catch the MCU at that point. They absolutely believed that you could build a true comic book universe overnight.

Remember, these type of people approved “Martha”.


Sorry, @DeSade

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I saw and it looks fun. I’m excited for this movie mostly because of black mask. He’s been a favorite of mine and I’m happy to finally see him in a live action movie. And play by Ewan mcgregor makes it better.

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Absolutely adore it. This movie is shaping up to be something special.

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I think everything I hate about this poster comes from being a BoP fan. Its petty, but why the #$%^ is this called Birds of Prey. It should be called "the Harley Quinn movie" as that is clearly all this is. Wont be surprised if they give Robbie an inspirational speech where she convinces Huntress and Canary that they are all "birds of prey" and "in it together" ect. Making everything BoP an extension and accessory to Harley Quinn, a character that has nothing to do with that team of that books success.

That aside, they really captured that viscious and intimidating feel of Black Mask and Victor Zsasz… and everything fans love about Cassie Cain. I dont like this poster in the least, beyond Margot Robbie being gorgeous. It just feels like they took Smokin Aces and renamed everyone after DC characters. Black Mask and Victor Zsasz just come off as a couple of “fun boys” feels like they will start grinding to “what is love” at any moment, with big, wide open, toothy, grins. Y’know, like the comics.

It just sucks they took a great story like Birds of Prey and chucked it out a window to show horn Harley Quinn into more films. Cant wait for “Booster Gold: Harley’s topline travel adventure” or “Sandman: Harley takes a nap”.

I still think this can be a great film, but this is not BoP, that is not Black Mask, that is not Zsasz, and that is not Cass. Why?


To be fair, the movie is entitled Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn. It’s not just about the BoP. Harley is definitely the bigger draw for general moviegoers and she’s more visually recognizable. The BOP would also have not been on the big screen for who knows how long if Margot Robbie didn’t want to include them.

Huntress and Black Mask definitely do need masks. I don’t want Canary to get a mask, she’s fine without one. I’m really liking the aesthetic overall.


doooeees Harley’s dog tag say Bruce


Same here, @nu52. I’m a huge BOP fan, and I love Huntress and Black Canary, but I’m very excited for this movie, even though Harley’s never been part of BOP. Movies never translate comics directly and that’s fine, we still have all those original issues. I can’t wait to see this and other adventures with these characters in the future.

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Yup, it does say Bruce @biff_pow

@Mae Hoping that in this movie’s continuity, the BOP have already been formed by Babs and Harley is just trying to get their help or running into them, not becoming a BOP herself. Maybe she tries it out, but it’s not for her and she goes with some more likeminded friends and starts up the GCS. Even though Barbara won’t be part of the movie, I do want her to be part of the BOP’s history in it. Even just a throwaway line would cool.


Not really feeling this poster, and need my fishnets sooner.


They should do individual character posters at some point or a poster with just Black Canary and Huntress.


@Nu52, that’s fair. But WB didnt know Harley was going to be a huge draw until after Suicide Squad. Point being that Suicide Squad wasnt a very well known property either, but they didnt force Joker into the story in a way that takes away from the squad. It was still very much in line with the book its named after. So yes, Harley is a bigger draw than Black Canary or Huntress but only because she had a chance to shine in another movie first. So while 2 Birds of Prey operatives are in the movie, there still isnt any reason to include the title. They could have just called it “the Fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn” and sold the same exact movie, without giving the bird to comic fans. It would be one thing if HQ and Batgirl were similar characters in any way, but they are so vastly different.

Again, I recognize how petty the position is and I’m not trashing the film or anyone involved. But I just dont understand why they make the crap decisions they make. It looks fun, but it doesnt seem to have anything to do with the book it’s based on. I dont like the precedent set by shoehorning characters in to stories they have nothing to do with. If it makes them enough money, every DC film will feature Harley as the protagonist with the title character being a mere side note to the story.

The whole thing is like making a movie series about the X-Men, but the lead is Mystique. Meanwhile, the X-men are just there in the background, acting all inept and clueless, very non-Xmen behavior.


I think it looks very much like a modern collage mixed with Sistine chapel. I can’t wait for this movie.


I am really sad that Oracle isn’t involved in this. Or Batgirl for that matter. It is like the took out one of the best members of the team and gave the spot to Harley.
Come on! I wanna see Babs!



I am not going to debate back and forth on this. There’s a reason why the head of DC films was replaced by Walter Hamada among all other changes after JL. Even the article I posted first sentence is “Better late than never.” I don’t know how can anyone not think the execs did those movies to catch up with MCU. Even a DC fan myself, it was pretty obvious.

I am happy the people like SS but I don’t care if the movie made that cash, movie was edited to death. It showed.


This poster makes the film look bonkers AF… exactly the way a Harley movie should look. I just hope it’s good bonkers, and not horrible bonkers.

Birds would never get a big screen adaptation w/o a big name attached to it… So I’m glad that they pulled in Harley.



I think WB had an idea that Robbie as HQ could be a break out star. I think it shows in some of the editing in SS, I don’t blame them for making that call. Lean into a potential economic strength. There were plenty of HQ cosplayers doing HQ costumes before SS came out, and Hot Topic had a decent amount of HQ merch in stock when the film came out. I’m not alone in the view that Robbie is also freakin hot. She’s the strongest character in that film. It was SS but in retrospect it should be titled SS featuring Harley Quinn.

I’m betting BOP, just based on that poster is going to be BOP featuring Harley Quinn. Nothing wrong with that, she’ll put butts in seats. But, it is a way to get some more DC characters into the DCEU. (Look at Black Widow in the MCU, she made her first appearance in an Iron Man movie.)

I love the comics original BOP grouping that included Babs. But, in a sense I’m glad she’s not likely in it. Batgirl is a better known character than BC or Huntress. (The influence of Batman ‘66 is still felt today) To the gen pop Babs = Batman family, Bat Family == Batman. And keeping Bats & Supes out of the film loop for a while is a good call.

For good or ill, HQ is a character some females really connect to. It’s, in certain instances like Cons & Halloween, “social permissions” for some females to feel more empowered to let out their “bad girl” side and be more overtly sexual than they would be in real life. It’s not like HQ is the only character who has ever had that resonance.

So are we likely to get a comic accurate BOP movie. I doubt it. But it does appear that the DCEU is learning how to build a universe. How well it ultimately works we’ll know in 5+ years. They are at least strongly and consciously separating themselves from the Snyder-Verse, which I believe is the right call. Hopefully BC or Huntress will be a “break out” character from BOP. If that happens, my money is on Dinah.