Birds of Prey (2020)

So, the new teaser attached to It: Chapter Two has leaked online. You can find it. It’s like 30 seconds. But WB is saying they won’t release it officially online so if you;re not going to see It 2, you won’t see it. Seems weird. Why wouldn’t they officially post it on their YouTube channel like every other teaser or trailer?

I liked it, but it was very quick, there were maybe like three seconds of actual movie content.


WB will release it online officially, sooner or later. Theoretically, they may have said they wouldn’t as a means to prop up It.

The ol’ “Can’t see that unless you see this.” marketing tactic.


At least they’re attaching it to a movie folks want to see. Back in 2000 many tickets were bought for Meet Joe Black just so people could see the first Star Wars prequel trailer.


I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s only 30 seconds. Joker right now has the spotlight and I don’t think they want to take that away when it’s a month from release.


@mrmiracle I saw the first Harry Potter movie because my brother had seen it, looked at me, and said “Batman”. I figured there was a Bat movie trailer, so I figured what the hey.
As the camera moved through a dark and empty mansion, this seemed to be what my brother was talking about. But it was about the point when we see a shadowed, pointy-eared figure and Don Lafontaine spoke about a hero being called to “save the world”, I immediately realized, “world? This isn’t Batman! I’ve been had!”
Friggin’ Scooby-Doo, man.

As for BoP, if the teaser is anything like (or an extension of) those bits where Harley is strutting around and we get brief close-ups of some of the other characters, then I imagine it’ll just foment speculation without giving much. I could be wrong, but I doubt they’d give too much away. Save it for later this year with a 2-3 minute trailer. Usually I avoid those, but I might end up making an exception, since this isn’t one of those “been waiting years” level of anticipation for me.