Binging vs. Weekly Release

What shows do you binge watch and which ones do you like to have a weekly release for? Do you wait for any shows to be done for the season to binge watch it?

I waited for Young Justice: Outsiders to be done in August before I watch it specifically to binge watch. I thought it’d be easier to understand the plot and pick up on the little details the writers leave to clue us in on the eventual plot twist they like to do.

But for Titans and the arrowverse shows, I’ll watch weekly. Which shows can you not wait a week for and think you don’t need to have just watched the previous episode for the optimal story telling experience?

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I have too much in my day-to-day to binge watch. It’s easier for to watch one or two episodes of a show a day then it is to set time aside to blow through whole seasons and put myself in a “show hole”.

As much as I’ve enjoyed binging certain shows, I just don’t have the patience to wait for a weekly series to finish. I always prefer watching episodes as soon as I can. While it can be mind-numbingly frustrating to wait a week in between installments, it’s still better than risking spoilers

It depends. I seem to have a tendency to mini binge throughout the season. Let 2-3 episodes stack up then watch them in a mini binge.

But after the season is over, I’ll usually go back and binge the entire series over the course of 2-3 days. I do pick up some subtle stuff that I probably missed during the regular season.