Binge watching vs weekly episode drops

I understand why DC does it this way - its financial and they don’t have the deep base of content that services like Netflix or Hulu.

But that said, I much prefer binge watching. Look at it this way, would you rather be spoon fed like a little child or be given your meal like an adult? Not a great metaphor, but it is intended to show that when spooning content out, DC retains control. If they dropped it all people could choose how they want to watch. An episode at a time or all at once or something in between.

Again, reality is thay DC can’t do that due to thin content. They have to drop one at a time so montly subscribers will stay in. Not enough other content to keep them elsewise.

Hulu did it with castle Rock

I believe it’s an easy way to see who’s watching same day or next 3 days