Binge watching vs weekly episode drops

Who would rather see series dropped all at once like on Netflix and why? Who likes weekly episode drops and why?


I prefer dropping a season all at once so I can binge watch it. It is to me much for fun. It is easier to remember the plot subtleties from episode to episode and avoids the frustration of waiting a week after a cliff hanger ending. Seems to be working ok for Netflix. The people who make these decisions at DC must feel dragging it out forces people to stay engaged over time. Maybe when they are bigger and can drop new content more frequently they will reconsider this decision.

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Probably not, though…hulu follows the same model.

I like weekly because it gives us something to watch for 10 or 11 weeks IDK about u guys but I can watch it in a weekend then want more right then plus it takes time making these shows so it gives them more time Titans will be done in December but when 2019 hits us the shows take lots of breaks and we won’t have to worry something new each week from DC universe

Either way is fine with me

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I prefer one per week. I don’t have the time to binge watch something for 3+hrs. And I wouldn’t want to sit watching anything for 3+hrs.


I’m fine with both but I would prefer weekly cause it make you hyped


Exactly u get excited at least I do like yesterday I was so excited for Titans

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I think half and half like they do with the ranch on Netflix. I hate waiting every week for the next episode because one episode is never enough I’d rather watch a couple at once but if they dropped the whole thing at once you have to wait a year for the next. 6 months is good. half the season every six months

The reason behind releasing week to week IMO is that it allows one episode to be talked about and hyped through the course of a week. Word of mouth spreads and such. If you release it all like Netflix, sure people get excited and will talk about it. But people will tend to just talk about the season as a whole and not specific episodes. After a week or so, talk is usually dead.

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Yes and people might not have finished the season yet, since this is week by week, everyone is on the same episode

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I like the weekly schedule because it gets me really hype for the next episode. Dropping all at once and bringing it, you kinda forget about it a little after a week or two. Weekly allows for in depth analysis of each episode.

I actually prefer weekly episode drops then to have them drop all at once. I’m annoyed with shows that drop six or so episodes and call that season. (Looking at you Voltron.) It just feels to short to me if I can binge watch it in a few hours.

Saying you prefer weekly over full drop is insane. If you don’t want to digest it all at once you don’t have to…but plenty of people hate waiting when you know it’s fully done filming. I mean it will eventually all be out and you can binge it in one sitting then, it’s just not necessary to drag it out.

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It’s not insane to prefer week to week. I think the binge watch culture has really hurt the social aspect of watching TV. As I said a few posts ago, once someone watches a show in 2-4 days or even all in 1 day, they’ll forget about it and probably want to move on to the next binge show. You’re not going to remember specific plots from certain episodes let alone talk about it. I’ve seen boards where the posters watch say Daredevil in 2 days, post a short paragraph recap of their season thoughts and that’s it.

The standard is all at once. I’m paying for it just like Netflix. Why do I have to wait? If you love weekly episodes then watch it weekly on your own time. The weekly episode lovers get what they want. While those of us who prefer to binge, don’t. At least with all episodes out, you can choose to binge or not to. We are paying for a service but have no choice when we want to see the things we want to see.

As I think about this, another consideration has occurred to me. DC Universe is very invested in their DC daily news cast and discussion panels. By releasing it one episode per week it gives the panel something to talk about each week.


Maybe I’m one of the few who don’t mind waiting if I binge watch in 3 days then the wait is longer for new episodes likely not getting season 2 until 2020

You know, it wasn’t that long ago we all had to wait a week for the next episode of our favorite show… lol.

Seriously both have their advantages. Binge watching is obviously convenient, but weekly like this lets you draw it out so you aren’t done in a couple days and waiting a month.

Either way, the purpose of them doing it that way is to keep subscribers so they don’t want a bunch of people subscribing for the trial, binging Titans in a couple days then unsubbing. And business is business whether welike it or not, that is why they are doing it. They know most if they had a choice would rather binge, but DC wants to make money off the show and they aren’t Netflix with a million other options once someone finishes it.

And in truth people can wait until they all drop, subscribe then watch them within a month, then unsub until next season. That is how I have watched Game of Thrones for years. The only time I sub to HBO NOW (or whatever it is called) is for a month after a season of GOT ends. But DC knows a lot of people will want to sub so they can watch them as they air so they got you for more then one week.

Again, not faulting people for wanting it to be dropped at once. But from a business sense, that is why they are doing it and that’s just the way it is. We either got to accept that and watch weekly, wait and watch and unsub after it has dropped, or decide Titans isn’t worht it (or whatever show) and not sub at all. It’s just how those things work.


Well said