Binge This: Batgirl (2000)

The bottom of this article asks us to let 'em know if Cass is the best Batgirl.

I’m here to tell you: Cassandra Cain is the best Batgirl.


Cass is my favorite Batgirl and one of my very favorite DC characters ever, and I love her. So glad she’s finally getting to be Batgirl again in the comics. Loved her in Rebirth Tec and loving her in BATO, but Orphan was never meant to be a long-term solution, and Batgirl (2000) just has some of the best comics of all time. Batgirl 25 is easily one of the best comics I have ever read.


She is defiantly the best Batgirl when it comes to fighting and I really dig her costume design. Also, I’m going to read Batgirl 2000 for the first time once I finish Robin 1993 and Azrael. Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


Reading her 2000 run now, and it’s way exceeded my expectations. She’s a unique addition to the family, and it’s fun to see a “sidekick” who doesn’t need much in the way of saving. I also love the friendship she’s been developing with Stephanie. I really hope it doesn’t go away now that Spoiler’s been kicked out of the family — a twist that bugs me, because it felt like it came out of nowhere.


Cass is definitely the best Batgirl not only is she a beast but has a very interesting backstory and a cool personality I love how sweet she can be one minute and then kick major butt the next. her Batgirl run is easily one of my favorite DC comic runs really wish It could have went on a bit longer but it is what is I’m really glad she’s got to be Batgirl again and some elseworlds books recently but I’m waiting for the day she gets the mantle back in the main universe and I hope she gets a resurgence she is a great and unique character and deserves much more attention than she gets

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