Binge reading vs reading current comics

When the New 52 came out, I tried to get into comics and for a good while kept up with current issues as they came out. Then I realized comics were getting expensive and there were too many I wanted to read and staying on top of all those comics were overwhelming. Plus being in my mid 20s, finding enough time to read everything was a challenging.

This app is really the perfect solution for me. I have all these comics at my fingertips and really worth the value that I’m paying per month. I’ve been binge reading several titles that I missed out growing up and almost read the whole Wolfman/Perez run of The New Teen Titans. Much like binge watching is the way most people watch tv shows, binge reading is what works for me with comics.

Just out of curiosity, how many people on here keep up with current issues of comics and how many just binge read comics of the past? What is your favorite way to read comics?


I stay up to speed with new comics. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week.

I’m binge reading books here more so, since the selection expanded so dramatically. Beforehand, I was reading an issue or two of random things as comics weren’t the selling point (or marketing drive) of DCU for me then.

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Forgot to add, my favorite way to read comics is digital in Landscape Mode. I love print but digital on a big screen is top notch.


I’m reading all over the place in the comic “eras” I read, so I Don’t really binge. What’s changed for me is that I read online now. Once upon a time, I read a pile of comics maybe once a week. But now they are a part of my daily reading, be it 1 issue , 5, or 10.


I have pretty much stopped pulling periodicals. With a small exception to the NOIR books from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. They add so much extra bits in the singles I still grab those.

I rely heavily on digital for Super Hero comics as I tend to prefer older stuff since I can binge it. I do enjoy new stuff but I trade wait and read those on the Hoopla App which my local library supports. Image stuff I read in Trade Form since they are largely better read as trade anyway (to me at least)

I feel guilty over not supporting my local shops as much, but I realized the industry and the way we have consumed media have changed. It is easier for my to read digital, and overall more enjoyable.


I don’t buy monthly titles anymore. I stopped about halfway through the New 52 and went to waiting on the trade collections. I’m enjoying being able to read some of the titles that I remembered reading as a kid like “New Teen Titans” and some of the more recent series I missed out on their first time out like Geoff John’s run on “Green Lantern” and “52.”


I make a week visit to the local comic book store. I keep up with a. handful of comics Mostly DC but I do read Marvel , Image , Dark Horse and others

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In the late-80’s to late-90’s I bought about a dozen titles a month. Each price increase knocked a couple off the list. And with life hitting you, it’s easy to justify dropping a habit that’s traditionally aimed at kids. In my case, it was college, marriage, kids, bills, career, etc.

I was excited to start back up with New 52. I didn’t even know about Flashpoint, and I didn’t care. I wanted to support the industry and my local shops. But the writing was obviously geared towards an eventual trade. And since every six issues was an easy dropping off point, one by one, I stopped reading again.

Occasionally, I’d find a full run of a title on Ebay. So, I’d buy something that I knew I’d enjoy, and I’d binge. (I got the entire runs of 1985 Swamp Thing,1988 Starman, JLI, and JLE. Plus some from other publishers.)

Even today, I’m not interested in bingeing comics that wrap up every six issues. And from the other comments in this topic, I think DC should wake up. They need to stop looking at these comics as 6-month runs. They should be looking at the characters instead. My life doesn’t reset every six months :grinning:

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I only have about 10-15 monthly books that I read. Basically a couple each week. Other than that I “binge” here, through comixologyU, or digital trades that I get from comixology sales.

Buying a ton of single issues every week became too expensive and too time consuming for me. The wide availability and low price-point of digital has kept me in the hobby.

Recently, up until about three months ago, I would get titles including Batman, Action Comics, and Superman. But once they jacked up the prices by one or two bucks, I couldn’t keep pulling money out of my pay just to get new comics. Now, I just binge by going to my local comic store about once a month, going to the 50 cent/$1 bin and getting about $30 worth of comics, whether they be new or old, from a variety of different series. I used to do this before I quit getting the new comics too.

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I used to buy a lot of monthly titles digitally, but since Rebirth I stopped buying most of them. A lot of the titles I read were cancelled and others just no longer interested me. I only buy Justice League Dark monthly now. I used to buy Wonder Woman, I had bought every issue since her #1 New 52 run, but I just can’t justify spending money on that book anymore when it is so bad. I am liking being able to binge comics. Also, if you don’t like an issue from a run you can read on and see if it gets better without having to gamble with your wallet. If an issue of an ongoing title is bad, you have to sit on it for a month before you can read the next issue to see if it gets better. Then if it doesn’t get better, that’s two months of bad issues. On here, if an issue is bad you just read the next issue right away and it could get redeemed right away. Some books are just better when you have the whole story and not just parts of it, especially now that the story arcs are longer and not contained to one or two issues.

I mainly do older books, then binge on recent stuff as major arcs become available at once.

I choose 5 series to read. Right now I’m doing Wonder Comics, Freedom Fighters, Justice League, and Action Comics.

For Marvel, Avengers

But I like buying trades.