Binge Bingo [12/19]

Welcome to the very first edition of Binge Bingo! Every month, I’ll be posting a Bingo card which includes a variety of comic book series, storylines, movies, and TV series. Your mission: take that month to complete 5 assignments in a row, in any direction! Fill out your card, and share your results and commentary with the community here!

If you’ve already seen or read something on this card recently enough to remember it well, you can go ahead and mark it off. Anything with an [S] in brackets can be found in the “Storylines” tab of the Comics section. Other than that, I’ll be here to answer any further questions. So pick your paths, and happy binging!


As for me: I think I’ll be taking the downward diagonal path. I’ve already seen The Brave and the Bold multiple times through, and I plan on staying current with Harley Quinn, so the rest should be a snap!

love this idea, but not sure what path i want to take cause i’m reading in an order and so i don’t really want to read storylines out of order til i get there. The tv part is more time consuming than anything…

Hmm have to think on it.

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Actually, I just realized I can do the upward diagonal pretty easily too! I’ve already read Plastic Man '03 and Secret Six '06, and seen the Dark Knight Returns movies. I’m gonna go for a Double Bingo.

Completed DC Nation Shorts: New Teen Titans! The whole thing all together is about the length of a single episode of the show, but it’s a lot of fun. Great for a half hour of laughs.