Biggest Gotham Oversight

While I loved what Gotham has done with Penguin, Riddler, and Jerome, I feel like they missed the boat by basically ignoring Harvey Dent.

Even if they didn’t want to turn him into Two-Face, they could’ve at least made Dent a bigger part of the show. Was he even in an episode after the middle of season 1?

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Harvey Dent only had appearances in three season 1 episodes and three season 2 episodes. I don’t know why he disappeared afterwards. Even if the original actor was unavailable Gotham has recasted characters before and I can easily see some storyline where Hugo Strange experimented on him and gave him a new face to explain the change in actors.

Or maybe they felt having Dent around was unnecessary since they already gave the split personality story to The Riddler.


I always felt as if Harvey Dent, Renee Montoya, and Crispus Allen weren’t given enough screen time. Whenever she wasn’t doing her police stuff with Crispus, Renee was only there to give Barbara an emergency girlfriend whenever she and Jim had their issues which, honestly, felt a tad bit disrespectful to her character. Meanwhile, Dent only showed up on screen maybe a few times tops and if I remember right, Crispus didn’t do much of anything at all. Come to think of it, Season 1 really did have all of these things that happened which eventually got brushed under the rug and forgotten. It would’ve been nice to see all three in later seasons, perhaps even build up the skewed, fucked-up relationship between Dent and Montoya to the point it got in Gotham Central. But unfortunately, that was never to be.

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Think he was in one more episode but then nothing. Probably dropped him due to the backlash? I read that the actor was signed on for more episodes and was supposed to become a regular. He just kind of disappeared like Montoya was there at the beginning too. I think they should have tried a Killer Croc or something with the Indian Hill arc and everybody escaped or something or like a poster of a Croc kid at the fair as a side show

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