Biggest comic book twist post rebirth what was your favorite or most shocking

What’s the best comic book twist post rebirth

Hoo boy, this is a tough question. I’d say most shocking for me was Dream of the Endless showing up in Dark Nights: Metal.

But I think my favorite was in The Button, and the Flashpoint Thomas Wayne has only one request for his son: “Don’t be Batman.”

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My most shocking was how the wedding didn’t even happen in Batman #50… such a cheap trick… I haven’t bought an issue of that series since then. That got me really mad that I even ordered the prelude compilation, when it ultimately meant nothing due to the wedding not even happening!

Heads up, we’ll be adding a spoiler tag to this topic :slight_smile:

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Is Nabu turning evil that common to everyone else then?

Well, the Source Wall was completely destroyed last week.

That’s big.