Bigger budget KRYPTON or SWAMP THING

I’m going to say SWAMP THING had the bigger budget; 80million dollars was the amount being thrown around when the “crap” hit the fan two weeks ago.

And knowing SYFY’s rep, I would think everything there might be low-budget. But I will say this for Krypton; it does have good effects and music and proves that writing is everything.

I actually think, with Swamp Thing gone, Krypton is the best DC original show going now, yes, even better than Doom Patrol which, as much as I liked it, seemed to really show its budget restraints sometimes. Titans is next…oh…and what about the CW shows? None of them are bad, none of them are great…but obviously show their budget restraints and are held back by some, at times, hokey writing and acting…truly cartoons with real people.

What say you?


Swamp Thing, by far-- which is a big part of the problem. Not the budget itself, but what others accomplish/sometimes even just attempt with so much less.


I think Krypton makes good use of their budget. Same small,sets for alleys and rooms for many scenes but check out Brainiac’s ship. That looks good

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What matters more is how the shows use their budget. Krypton has some nice tricks where they make a few really great set pieces and just reuse them. Doom Patrol didn’t have the budget to do a gigantic fight scene every episode, so it didn’t. The writers and directors chose to dedicate entire episodes to straight up character development and they could not have done anything better. It doesn’t take any money to connect with characters. On the other hand, Swamp Thing had an enormous budget and used it to create some fantastic horror. That’s an added benefit of the show, but what makes Swamp Thing good isn’t it’s budget. In the end, if a show has a good story to tell, it’s a good show, and if it doesn’t (no matter how much money is spent making it look awesome) it’s a bad show. Swamp Thing is a good show because it has a fantastic story to tell.


Yo-yo…I agree totally maybe DC should have whoever produces Kyrpton take over for Swamp Thing. Ship the actors over there. Sure, the swamp set would be gone. But they could work around that.

To SyFy’s credit, they know how to do a lot with a little.

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Having seen the old ST tv series vs DCU ST, even the ST suit & makeup is so much better. But that is expensive, the time and the labor to build the basics and the practical makeup every scene he’s in. A story can be good, and it is. Though no better than Krypton.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the practical effects bring the realism to the show. Practical effects/makeup are expensive. All those costs add up quick.

I honestly believe it comes down to it’s just to darn expensive. HBO had this same issue with Rome many years back. The show was great, writing, acting, practical scenery and hordes of extras all in costume. The show was very popular and critically acclaimed. HBO pulled the plug because it just cost to much to produce. ST likely has the same issue. It’s quite good but not a good ROI.

Krypton looks like it has an $80 budget, much less $80 million.

It’s hard for me to watch because the show looks so cheap.

Uh, I watched many episodes of Doctor WHO when it had an average effects budget of about $21.07 per episode.

What kept me watching was the STORIES.


Swamp Thing !!! NEXT QUESTION