Beware the Batman

Anybody else really enjoy the show Beware the Batman? That’s a real hidden gem in the DC animated catalogue in my humble opinion. I wouldn’t mind seeing that series being put on this service. It was a different take on the Batman mythos for sure, but it was refreshing and all the more interesting. The animation itself was well done too. The series never got a fair shake and more people should definitely see it!


Yet another Batman cartoon series that was dismissed largely for not being Batman TAS. Really hope it gets added.


I’d like to see it come here. It’s an underrated show.

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Never seen it, but if it was added to DCU I might give it a shot. From googling, it seems to have focused on a bunch of lesser-known villains which is interesting!

@iJest It also showcased Katana as Batman’s principal “in the field” ally, along with non-Batman characters like Metamorpho, Deathstroke and Simon Stagg.

Alfred was much more of a man of action in this series too.

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Would like it to be added so I could get a chance to see it. Been a while since DCU added a new animated series that wasn’t an original. Be all for them adding this one.

Another to echo the same sentiment. I really liked that Katana’s bike were her original costume colors.

Yeah I enjoyed this series too, I like that they used the Earth 1 version of Alfred and had Deathstroke in it as a big bad.

Am I the only one wondering if this thread was posted with ironic intent? Beware the Batman…was abruptly cancelled by the Cartoon Network on the grounds that it was a financial failure after like 3 airings or so…oo EEE oooo

@Don-El It’s probably not ironic. People have been asking for this show since before the Swamp Thing cancellation.

How about paradoxical can it be paradoxical???

I would also like to see Beware the Batman on here. Underrated show.


@Don-El No, something that’s paradoxical has to contradict itself. This thread is ironic, I just don’t believe it’s intentionally ironic. So let’s call it unintentionally ironic.

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@DE The majority of Beware The Batman’s one season was aired as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block.

After DC Nation ended, the remaining episodes of the show aired during Adult Swim in the very early hours of the morning.

Cartoon Network was to blame for BTB ending as it did, just like GLTAS. They can’t be surprised it failed (from their POV) when they did nothing to market it.

Fun Fact: The only merchandise to come from Beware The Batman was:

-DC’s own tie-in comic
-a set of Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s
-a 4" scale Batman action figure from Mattel’s Batman Unlimited toyline
-a 6" scale Batman action figure from the 6" scale Batman Unlimited toyline

I would like for it to be on here. I caught a eps. on tv a few years back and liked what I saw, big Katana fan. was bummed to hear that it only got one season.
I like computer animated shows, long live jimmy neutron!

Great show

I’ve yet to see it. Hope it shows up on here.