Beware The Batman.

I just realized Justice League Action was cancelled so for the first time in almost 30 years there is no animated Batman show… unfortunately. Beware The Batman was the last Batman animated show and in my opinion was great I say bring it back or at the very least put it up. What do y’all think?


I would love that. It’s the only Batman cartoon we don’t have here.

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Besides Beware The Batman, Filmation’s The Adventures of Batman from the late 60’s has yet to debut here.

The debuts of both series would be a double feature of televised delight.

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We technically still have animated Batman. With Young Justice back on the streaming service and Harley Quinn coming soon. While he’s not the main character he is featured. That being said I would love to see memory visit that version, maybe a movie to wrap up loose ends.

*see them revisit

When are those two shows coming