Beware. DCI is trying to scam you on the ULTRA tier

My founders membership was due on Jan 4th 2023. When I upgraded to ULTRA, I was not told there would be a charge. In fact, the app said my new subscription would be $99 on Jan 4th.
Cool, a chance to try ULTRA.
My CC was billed $99.99 with a $13.96 credit. That’s $86 bucks to try ULTRA out for three months. And I have to wait a month for the one thing I want to check out, the Veritgo, etc stuff coming to the service.
Unacceptable. I have put in a trouble ticket. Folks, be aware, DCI is all about greed and will do whatever they can to take your money.

Hey there, friend!

So, when upgrading to ULTRA, the upgrade happens immediately and gives you a pro-rated refund for the rest of the time you would have been subscribed. This is why you were given $13.96 credit and charged $99 for ULTRA. Your ULTRA subscription should not be for the next 3 months but rather for the next year. Your account information should confirm this and so should the support team if everything went accordingly :slight_smile:. Please let us know how it goes!