Between a rock and a hard place

Dream Job forces you to move to Gotham City, not being a dummy you purchase some personal protection. You and your firearm are out for a walk when you see the Joker committing his latest atrocity.

You can take the shot and end the Joker right here, knowing that will put you on Batman’s radar or let him go knowing one more and many more will die and maybe you also if the Joker realises what you did.

Do you take the shot or not?

I’m taking the shot and going about my life until Batman catches me.

I take the shot, turn myself in to the police and plead justifiable homocide in the act of preserving innocent lives. (including myself…ie: self defense…(because you just know the Joker would come after me next!))


No way, I’d ask him for his autograph and possibly a selfie, then I’d be able to die a happy death!


The Joker never stays dead for long, and once he’s back he probably wouldn’t be too happy with me! I’m selling my gun to buy a bus ticket to Smallville.