better for streaming...chromecast or Roku stick???

I’m to the point that watching on my phone and iPad simply no longer cut it and I’ve been debating getting a chromecast or roku stick for sometime so which one is easier for streaming the app from an iPhone??? Apple TV is far too expensive


The roku app is barely finished. It only shows the main splash page and it doesn’t offer menu options to get to shows or comics. Whatever is on the front page is what you get.

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The Roku app is strangly arranged or laid out but it does include all comics, movies and shows available.

I’ve had the Roku version since the weekend but it’s been working perfectly. I have no idea about the Chromecast version though

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Lol… The roku app actually has a search function. You dont have to go with whats on the main screen.

It is clunky tho.

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I’ve been having issues using in’s chrome cast to go from my iPad to the tv. Has anyone else been having this issue

I reported the same problem to DC. Apparently they are having issues with built in cast devices. I tried a plug in one i had in another room and it works fine. Annoying but it will do