Best Way to Respond to Crude Comic Shop Owners?

I’ve been wondering this and didn’t really know who to ask for advice from, but realized this is a group of people who might have some wisdom for me.

I’m a little late into the comic book game, and didn’t really get into all this until I was mid-twenties, so not a little kid. There used to be three shops around me, and when I went to the first one on my own, without brothers or my guy friends, the owner was super rude. When I asked for recommendations (I liked Blackest Night, and knew I liked Nightwing, but at the time didn’t know how or where to begin reading anything else) he told me that a girl like me “shouldn’t bother your little head trying to deal with comics, just wait until the movies come out”, since I was “obviously only reading comics because you think the superhero actors are cute” before turning back to his little gang of snickering jerks sitting next to the counter smearing Cheeto dust on the back issue boxes.

After that, I didn’t go back, and in the past two years have heard from some other girls they were treated the same way… and worse (one girl went in one day looking for PowerGirl back issues because she was working on a cosplay and he told her she had “perfect shape” for PowerGirl, but he didn’t use the word shape, if you understand my meaning.) I have been going to the other two shops in town… neither of which will be reopening after Covid.
So now my choices are to either not support a shop at all or support a shop where myself and other women have been made to feel like we don’t belong in the comic community. So what do y’all suggest? Do I suck it up for industry sake and just hope to avoid him? Or do I just give up, order online, and hope something nearby opens up soonish?


My instinctual answer is you come first so while it’s nice you’re thinking of how to support the industry, don’t subject yourself to that treatment. A person like that doesn’t deserve a successful business, in my opinion, and is more likely to hurt the industry by driving people away.


Yeah, forget that guy and his shop. No one should be treated that way, especially a new fan. Buying comics online is still supporting the industry, and hopefully a new place will open near you soon.


Don’t bother with a shop you can’t get behind. There are plenty of digital storefronts that you can mail order comics through, or you could wait for them in trade and buy them at a Barnes & Noble or through Amazon. Of course, if you don’t mind not getting the books in print, there’s always ComiXology. Overall, though, don’t give money to somebody who clearly doesn’t deserve to stay in business.




Supporting a guy like that is not supporting the future of comic books. Buy online.


People can be so cruel sometimes​:rage:


Just read on here. When people say support local businesses,they don’t mean local Neanderthals


I know everyone else is saying it, but I don’t think it can be said enough. F**K that guy. Do not support him, his business, or anyone like him. Women do not deserve to be treated or talked about like that and people like him should by no means get the right to play gate keeper. I know it’s hard to replace the experience of actually going in and shopping for books, but if your only option is to support him, it’s not worth it. You can find some great deals online and if you’re ever in need of recommendations like you would look for at a shop, just look for them on here. Either by searching through the forums or dming other members. The community here is big and supportive.

Thanks for being brave enough to share your experience. I’m sure there are probably a bunch of other people on the forum who will get a lot of use out of this thread!!


Just buy online or read Digital Stuff until those other shops you talked about are open. Also If there’s a shop you like look and see if the do Mail orders if really want to support them.


Buy online.

Write online reviews, out his comic shop. He needs to change his behavior, get fired, or if he is the owner -lose his business.

Comics need to change as it is, and behavior like this is part of the current problem. This needs to die in the past.


Oh yeah and if someone’s being a @$$ just tell em to F off and Leave and then you could do what @Coville Said said and write a bad review


what a terrible shop owner! i’m sorry you’ve had to go through that! to support the industry, i’d suggest buying online (just as our fellow comic lovers are saying as well) and if there’s any way you could leave a review for the store and recommend others to shop at way friendlier comic shops that might help as well!


Truly shocked and disgusted to hear how this person talked to you and the cosplay girl. Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion but besides being incredibly rude that is no way to talk to a customer. That person in no way deserves to have your business and frankly I wish his business went under instead of the other two. Wish you the best of luck in finding a new shop. Perhaps look into asking a book store that you like if they can order the comics that you want, they are always happy to have and often need new customers. You could also go the route of getting a DC Subscription and have them mailed to you. I know it’s not the same as getting to go to a store and talk shop though.


best way to respond is to not go back there they don’t deserve anyone’s time or money if they treat people this way its sad to hear about the other two shops but there is nothing wrong with buying online or reading on digital services like this


While it’s certainly nice to think this way, it’s not very practical in reality. The last thing someone would want to do in a situation like this is rise tensions. Not everyone is in a position where they can simply fight off every bad guy that comes their way. And people like this dude will certainly take advantage of situations like this (and specifically target women) if hostilities rise. It’s a privilege to not have to worry about this kind of thing, so keep it in mind. :slight_smile:


I’d report that sucker to his boss or authorities or someothing.


After his store closes (because it likely will, given how shoddy the guy acts) and the building is bulldozed over with a Taco Bell in its place, support that Taco Bell frequently.

As you eat your tacos, smile and think “In brightest day, in blackest night, what that guy did wasn’t at all right. However, these nachos are always great, day or night.” to yourself as you bite into some tasty nachos and a delicious, crispety, crunchety taco.


I’m with @OmniLad here- I know the urge is to sink to his level and yell in his face and tell him off. But if you do that, he wins. Don’t let him push you to that level.


Even if you go back, avoid the dude. If you ever need any suggestions I KNOW this community will give you some. If you don’t need the hard copy like some people, ComiXology is a good option also.

I strongly suggest suffering through comiXology until this is all over. I haven’t really gone anywhere but my car in the last 9 weeks.