Best Thread of the week in all categories!

Post of the Week: I Will Answer Your Who Would Win in a Fight Questions by @HubCityQuestion

Best General Post: What character deserves their own live action movie next? by @GAHarris5

Best Watchtower Announcement: OFFICE HOURS: Every Thursday @6pm PST/9pm EST by @applejack

Best News Article: The Evolution of DOOM PATROL’s Cyborg by Joshua Bertone

Best Comics Post: What made you drop a book? by @benlibodi

Best TV Post: Doom Patrol pilot VS The Umbrella Academy by @IssacBrown

Best Collectibles Post: Walmart exclusive DC Collectibles Batman: Black and White mini-figures.
by @Vroom

Best Fan Creation Post:Fanart #7 sketched, inked, and colored by me. Harley Quinn! Blue and pink jester suit by hklolpop11

Best Suggestion Box: Titans and Doom Patrol Merch by @thedoctorbrody

Best Random Topic: The age old question that strengthens and weakens bonds all at once by @LifeNoob98

Best Investigative Report: That Night in Crime Alley by @hubcityquestion

Best Event: Doom Patrol Episode 2 Donkey Patrol

Please join the discussions on this post. Also if you have a post THAT WAS MADE THIS WEEK that you want to recognized post the name, author, and link below!!
(For future reference I will never nominate myself. You can nominate me though!)


I’ll try to do better @Nathan.Payson. :smirk:

And he’s right. All great threads.


Sorry Batman can’t give everyone awards!!


Haha. No worries. I was just being cheeky.


Popped on after midnight just to make sure all was well, and this is the first thing I see. I’m speechless. THIS is the best thread of the week.


I could tell! I hope to do this alot so hopefully you’ll be named one of these days!


^ that post is to @batman posted at sameish time!

Also thanks Applejack!!


@Nathan.Payson thanks! I appreciate the shootout and all the good thoughts on the post


Thanks for the round-up, Nathan! And your recognition is greatly appreciated. I’m rather fond of this community, and it feels great to contribute. TNICA is just getting started… less than one tenth of the scenes place before 1980. This is going to be a big ongoing project, and I’m encouraged by your approval.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some “Who Would Win” questions to resolve.


Nah, the best thing of the week came from Vroom. All I will say is Lobo Vs Darkseid. It made my day.

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This is a nifty idea! “The Week That Was” with a DCU flavor.

Thanks for the shout-out NP =)


What a grand way to recognize some of our community threads.


Wait why can’t I watch the full season of young justice season 3. And when does episode 14 release

@m_ferrai Episode 1-13 are out. Ep.14 will begin in June!

@misfit highlander link?

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It would be funny if this thread made it into best in the week for next week lol

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I can’t highlight myself. But thanks for the offer.

Hey, my random post got here! Thanks!

@lifeNoob98 I enjoyed it!!! Sometimes Random is awesome!

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This is probably the most wholesome thing I’ve seen all week.
Have a cookie! :cookie:

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