Best Superhero Teams and Organizations in Comics

Hey, I was from the DCU Community what do you believe what our the best superhero teams, organizations and Agencies from DC Comics, Marvel Image, Darkhorse, etc? :smiley: :smiley: :grinning: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :vulcan_salute: :raised_hand:

  1. Justice League (Bronze Age)
  2. New Teen Titans
  3. Gail Simone’s Secret Six
  4. Justice Society
  5. Legion of Super-Heroes
  6. Doom Patrol (original and Morrison’s run)
  7. Ostrander’s Suicide Squad
  8. Original Challengers of the Unknown.
  9. Young Justice (Animated)
  10. Justice League Unlimited

Honorary mention: Shadowpact (What Justice League Dark wishes it could be)


Have to go with the Masters of the Universe

From the regular DC-verse my favorites are DCSHG, Justice League Unlimited and Gotham City Garage.

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Justice Society of America
Legion of Superheroes
The Warriors Three

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X-Men (Claremont)
New Mutants (Claremont)
New Teen Titans

Those are my favorites. Maybe not the best.


For DC Golden Age JSA and Morrison Doom Patrol

For Marvel Excalibur and 80’s/90’s era X-Men

Yeah Doom Patrol and Excalibur, I have a fondness for the off the wall bizarre and goofy stuff

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Here are my by the way

The Justice league

X-Men Blue

The Titans

The Teen Titans

The Avengers


The Superman Family

The Batman Family


The Flash Family

So this is my personal top 10 list :grinning: :laughing: :hugs: :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand: :+1:

All Star Squadron
Infinity Inc
The Young All Stars
The Justice Society of America
The Legion of Superheroes
The New Teen Titans
The Avengers


This is almost spot on, nice!


I’m really down with the original Wild c.a.t.s

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The Justice Society of America
The Justice League of America (specifically, the Silver Age)
Doom Patrol
Teen Titans (particularly the Eighties)
X-Men (Claremont run)

  1. Justice League of America
  2. Legion of Super-Heroes
  3. Fantastic Four
  4. The Avengers
  5. The New Teen Titans
  6. Justice Society of America
  7. The All Star Squadron
  8. The Metal Men
  9. The Doom Patrol
  10. The Defenders

If you open your screenshots in Microsoft Paint, you can crop out the web browser stuff.

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  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  2. X-men
  3. Runaways
  4. New Mutants
  5. X-Force
  6. Gen 13
  7. Justice League Dark
  8. Birds of Prey
  9. Justice League
  10. Uncanny Avengers
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Team comics are my favorite and my favorite teams are
Justice League International (original roster)
Justice Society
Generation X
Power Pack
Coven of Three
The Authority
Creature Commandos
The Omega Men
Infinity Inc
New Teen Titans
New Warriors(original)

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Titans hands down. You cans go NTT from the 80s, Devin Grayson’s run on Titans, or Rebirth Titans and Titans Hunt.

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