Best storyline of the New 52?

Your thoughts? To simplify things I’m counting any Post-Flashpoint and Pre-Convergence story arcs


I have two

The first Arc in Demon Knight, a version of the movie Magnificent Seven, with Vandal Savage, Etrigan the Dragon, Madame Xanadu, The Shining Knight (who is trans), An Amazon, An Arab Inventor and The Horsewoman.

I also liked Tom Taylor"s work on Earth 2, beginning with Issue 17, available in the

If you liked his work in
Injustice, he is better here.


The situation is desperate.
Superman, Wonder Woman
and Batman of this earth are
dead, along with all Amazons,
Lois Lane and Catwoman.

Helena Wayne and Power
Girl have been transported to
main Earth, in Worlds’ Finest
Title, which is also great.

They were the only heroes of
this world.

The newer heroes, young
versions of Justice Society,
Green Lantern, Flash and
Hawkgirl, are inexperienced.

The World Army is helpless.

Darksaid has a new
Superman, who might be
resurrected from the old
Superman, under his control.

The rich, who attempted to
flee the planet in a spaceship,
suffocated in space, when
this Superman attacked the

New characters take the

Thomas Wayne, with
Hourman’s powers and a gun,
is the new Batman.

Lois Lane’s mind resides in
Red Tornado.

Thomas frees three

Jimmy Olson is Oracle,
hacker of all the information
in the world.

The Queen of Atlantis is

There is a Krytonian who has
never seen the sun, a Zod.

In a sense, this series uses
versions of the oldest charac-
ters in the DCUniverse, and
uses them superbly.

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Zero Year from Batman.

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Grant Morrison’s Action Comics, with Gail Simone’s Batgirl not far behind.




I’m going to second that Action Comics recommendation. That run was really good.


Toss up between Morrison’s Action Comics, and Lemire’s Green Arrow.

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I’ve been avoiding Morrison’s Action Comics run because I hate most of his work. Is it really as good as people say or are they just Grant Morrison fans? Because if it’s too Morrisony then I’ll hate it.

It is certainly Morrisony. It follows the standard pattern of his stories: fun > frustrating > fulfilling. It both shows off the potential of returning Superman to his Golden Age roots and argues that dumping all of his continuity is ultimately a misguided decision. If nothing else, you should read issues #0-1.

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Does it feel like a drug fueled rant?

The first arc generally doesn’t. I think you could read issue #0 and then follow it with issues #1-4 and 7-8 and enjoy it. Issues #5-6 may not be your cup of tea, but they’re thankfully not immediately important to the story.

Thanks, I’ll add to my list of things to try.


Yeah. The reinvention of the Golden Age part of his run (#0-4, #7-10) is the most… straightforward. That said, if you’re willing to try something a little Morrison-y, I would absolutely encourage you to read the whole thing.

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What makes issue 5-6 different?

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Multiversity for me, though there are a lot of arcs that could give it a run for its money.


Gail Simone’s Batgirl was the only thing I read in the New 52 as it came out. That was mainly because Simone is one of the few writers I trust.

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I really loved Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man.


It’s a two-issue story separate from the Golden Age stuff that is, admittedly, kind of a head trip.

I loved Kyle Higgins’s Nightwing run, I think it’s the best Nightwing writing since Chuck Dixon.


@Awesome_Squid: The beginning of issue #7 picks up right where issue #4 left off. Issues #5-6 interrupt the flow and feature Superman hanging out with the Legion of Super-Heroes five years later. The content of those issues doesn’t really become relevant until around issue #13.

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