best stories

comment your favorite story on dc universe for me to check out im currently reading the kyle rayner run

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Crisis on Infinite Earths. Great art, great story, lots of action, good introductions to countless characters, and… alright, kind of a clunky script, but that’s Marv Wolfman for you.

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Anything by Bill Finger. The co-creator of Batman.

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Either of the Anarky Series.

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Identity Crisis

New Frontier

Golden Age

The Question.

Batman: Black Mirror, and/or Batman: War Games (I just made a list of war games so it’s easier to read if you were interested lmao)
Geoff Johns green lantern run is also fantastic if you want more GL stuff to read :slight_smile:

Superman/Batman #'s 1-26 and Annual #1. You get a nice microcosm of various characters across the DCU in those issues (and some absolutely fantastic art).

The Annual is quite amusing too.