Best Smallville Episode

Season 5, episode 12: Reckoning. This one made me cry as not only did a main character die, but then she lived for another to die. I also enjoyed the use of James Blunt’s “You’re beautiful” in two different ways. The start of the episode is when Clark is happy because he is going to tell Lana his secret. So the opening focuses on the words of You’re beautiful… you’re beautiful. However after Lana dies and he restarts the day, the words in focus are” I can never be with you”. Amazing attention to detail. The fact that a life spared needed another in turn still impacts Clark and is still heartbreaking even though his dad often died in comics and movies.


Top 5 Episodes:

  1. Asylum
  2. Suspect
  3. Reckoning
  4. Lexmas
  5. Red

Honorary Mentions:


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Dame here. Reckoning.

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Booster. Written by Geoff Johns too.

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I don’t remember the season,but my favorite was the Dukes of Hazzard reunion with Tom Wopat

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That was a great episode. But what hit me harder was the ending of the episode after that “Vengeance”. Where Clark brings his father’s watch home and sees his dad on TV and Clark just starts crying. I don’t think I ever cried so hard for any TV show in my life.

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Makes me want to start watching the series again. I remember some episodes and now I want to watch more especially with your recommendations.

My favorite episode was in season 10 episode 17 I think called Kent when Clark gets his life switched with Clark Luther’s again and sees his dad. After being tied up and tortered by him for a little while he gets free and says to Jonathan " You didn’t have any super powers no destiny to save the world but you were my hero & I lost you". Yup woooooo great acting and writing. #alwaysholdontosmallvile