Best silver age DC comics

I know this period of the dc universe was a weird one but they are still fun to read after you have read a serious modern comic so what’s your fav? Mine is doom patrol

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I would suggest

Go to Comics
Filter by Era
Select Silver Age
A small group of Titles emerge

Choose from
Brave and Bold
Justice League

Julie Schwartz would work with the assigned writers to think up.the cover first.

Imagine being a kid in.rhe 1960s

Just issue with a cover you like

Quality stories


Brave and Bold Hawkman

Flash covers with.both Silver and Golden Age FLashes

Look.for Fun Teamups
Flash and Elongated Man
Flash.and Green.Lantern

Look. at Early Flash
For stories of his Rogues Gallery

Silly Covers
Flash thinking he has been turned into. a puppet

In general.Flash stories that do not meet these criteria are boring especially alien invasion.stories

Justice league
The three Brave and Bold stories
The first three issues of Justice League
Covers with the Justice Society
Any cover that intrigues yoo.


Challengers of the Unknown


Best Silver Age DC Comics? You might as well ask me to count to infinity. I will defer to the master @TurokSonOfStone1950 and wildly concur with his reading list.


Adventure Comics featuring The Legion of Superheroes. It was Justice League, but with the volume knob turned to 11.

Silver Age Flash is a close second. (Damn how I miss the cosmic treadmill today. It was possibly the greatest plot device DC has ever invented.)

Always loved the Silver Age Atom as well.

Those are my top 3

Pretty much anything from the Silver Age that wasn’t Superman or Batman won’t disappoint They were boring in the Silver Age, IMO.


Hate to copycat but Doom Patrol also. It’s my perfect mixture of weird & fascinating. Much like Loeb/Sales Challengers of the Unknown.

Okay I admit it was a weird time and I think to really understand Silver age comics you had to be there. I love pretty much everything Silver age largely because I was a kid with a limited budget and limited access to comics at the time. Eight year old me could never have imagined that sixty year-old me would have access to every comic that I wanted from my childhood but couldn’t afford. Having said that the Brave and the Bold is very good. I also have to give some love to Teen Titans from the 60’s. The stories haven’t aged well but oh my god do they nail exactly what the world seemed like to a grade school kid in that era.

The more I think about it the more I would have to agree with @DeSade-acolyte about The Legion of Super-Heroes being the best DC Silver Age comic. It was crazy fun with all its alien members, strange and exotic settings and a ton of Curt Swan art. And unlike many other DC comics of the period, it came out every month. Along with Action Comics (Superman), Detective Comics (Batman), Adventure Comics: Featuring Superboy and The Legion of Sup-Heroes was a bedrock constant in a wide-eyed ten-year-old’s world. Long Live The Legion!