Best season of the superfriends?

Ive actually always wanted to watch this show, even though it’s pretty cheesy. I saw an episode here or there on Boomerang years ago, but not much. I’ve heard Challenge of the Superfriends is where it starts getting good. I’ve also heard the last season is one of the best, and oddly enough features Darkseid, which I didn’t even know about until recently. So to you guys, what seasons, if any, are worth watching?

If you didn’t grow up with it…it’s going to be hard to like it I think because it is cheesy that being said the best season is the one with Darkseid…I grew up with it in the 80s and I loved it and watch it every now and again for nostalgia…My kids love it I highly recommend Superfriends for anyone with children…great nostalgic series but nothing deep so if you’re looking for some depth you’ll find very little here but it has a ton of heart

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On a side note I’ve saved 2 ppl’s lives by learning the Hiemlich Manuver from Superfriends lol

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challenge is by far the best season all around but there are gems in every season. I really enjoyed the team up adventures in the Second season (All New Super Friends Hour) The best three episodes of World’sa greatest (IMHO) are Space Knights of Camelon, Universe of Evil and Super Friends meet Frankenstein. Finally, I personally love the ending to Outlaws of Orion.

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Thanks for the feedback. And I figured this was one of those shows that’s really a lot better if you have the nostalgia for it. I was born in 1990, well after the show came out and for the most part just knew about the show from pop culture. But it’s still an important part of DC history.

I watched the first episode of Challenge of the Superfriends and oh man. I enjoyed it, though I will say a major reason why is because of how ridiculous it was. I am actually excited to see more, and see how far it goes.

I’m most likely not going to watch the entire series, so if you want you could continue listing a few standout episodes. Maybe I should have titles this thread “best Superfriends episodes” instead of seasons.

Pick any season you can’t go wrong