Best Runs of comic series from DC Comics, Marvel etc

what are the best runs of ongoing Comic book titles from DC Comics, Marvel, Image, Darkhorse, etc, so here are personal top 10

  1. Scott Snyder’s 2011-2019 Batman run (Including All-star batman and batman the last knight on earth)
  2. Geoff Johns runs of Flash 2000-2005, 2009-2011,Green Lantern 2005-2013 and Justice League 2011-2016
  3. Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run 2004-2012
  4. Chuck Dixon’s Nightwing 1996 (the year i was born)-2005
  5. Joss Whedon’s 2004-2006 Astonishing X-Men run
  6. Grant Morrison’s 2001-2004 run Of new X-Men
  7. Devin Grayson’s runs of Titans 1999-2000 and Nightwing 2001-2006
  8. Peter J Tomasi’s run of DC Rebirth Runs of Superman 2016-2018 and Detective Comics 2018-
  9. Jason Aarons runs Of Thor 2012-2019, Avengers 2018- and Punisher Max 2010-2012 (i have not read it)
  10. James Tynon iv run of Detective Comics 2016-2018, 2019
    so what are yours :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?

Random picks in random order:


● Bronze Age Justice League of America
● anything featuring Jack Kirby
● anything with Jim Aparo
● John Byrne’s Superman
● Dan Jurgens’ Superman (including his Rebirth Action run)
● Ron Marz’s Green Lantern
● Grant Morrison on JLA
● Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman
● Geoff Johns on anything, but in particular Green Lantern and Justice League
● Gail Simone’s work on Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman and The Flash Giant
● Jeph Loeb on Hush, from Batman, as well as anything featuring Superman (especially his and Ed McGuinness’ Superman) and his full run on Superman/Batman
● Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams’ Green Lantern/Green Arrow
● anything Legion of Super-Heroes by Paul Levitz
● most of the Bronze Age Superman output (Action, DC Comics Presents, Superman, Superman Family, etc)
● Rebirth Superman
● Rebirth Detective Comics
● Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman and Lois Lane


● Anything featuring Jack Kirby’s art
● John Byrne’s Fantastic Four
● Chris Claremont and Jim Lee’s X-Men
● JMS’ runs on The Amazing Spider-Man (minus One More Day) and Fantastic Four
● Grant Morrison’s New X-Men
● Joss Whedon and John Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men
● Brian K. Vaughn’s work on Runaways
● Ed Brubaker’s Captain America and Uncanny X-Men
● Bendis and David Finch on New Avengers
● The Ultimates, Ultimates 2 and Ultimate X-Men


● Any Aspen, MLT title with artwork by Michael Turner
● Todd McFarlane’s first few years on Spawn
● Rising Stars


Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern (2005-2013)
Geoff Johns’ Aquaman (2011)
Mark Waid’s Flash (1987)
Chuck Dixon’s Nightwing (1996)
Robert Venditti’s Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps (2016)
Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin (2009)

Chris Claremont’s X-men (1975)
J Michael Straczynski’s Amazing Spider-Man (1999)
Ed Brubaker’s Captain America (2004)
Steve McKeever’s Spider-man Loves Mary Jane (2005)


good picks :grin: :ok_hand:

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good selections :slightly_smiling_face:


I do with the Denny O’Neil/Neal Adams run on Green Lantern (also known as Green Lantern/Green Arrow), Steve Englehart’s 1977-1978 run on Detective Comics, the Alan Moore run on Swamp Thing, the Grant Morrison run on Doom Patrol, and Geoff Johns’s run on JSA.


Wolfman/Pe’rez New Teen Titans/ New Titans
Grant Morrison Doom Patrol
Dan Jurgens Superman
Jack Kirby everything
Geoff Johns GL & The Flash
WW Pe’rez
Superman/Batman Jeph Loeb
JLA Grant Morrison
LOSH Paul Levitz
Supergirl Peter David
Blue Beetle Keith Giffen & John Rogers
Animal Man Jeff Lemire
The Omega Men & Mister Miracle Tom King
Mike W. Barr Camelot 3000
Gail Simone BOP & Secret Six & WW
Suicide Squad John Ostrander
Nightwing Chuck Dixon
Mark Waid The Flash
Catwoman Ed Brubaker
Swamp Thing & Promethea Alan Moore
Like a lot of J. M. DeMatteis & John Romita Jr stuff too & I’m sure I’m blanking on a ton of others.


There are so many great runs. Here are few of my favorites.

Jack Kirby - Everything

Warlord - Mike Grell
Teen Titans - Wolfman / Perez
Green Arrow -Mike Grell
Batman - O’Neil / Adams
GL / GA - O’Neil / Adams
Batman - Englehart / Rogers
Superman - John Byrne

FF - Lee / Kirby
Spider-Man - Lee / Ditko / Romita
Iron Man - Michelinie / Layton/ JR JR
FF - John Byrne
Daredevil - Frank Miller
Captain America - Brubaker / Epting
X-Men - Claremont / Byrne / Cockrum

Jon Sable - Mike Grell
American Flagg - Howard Chaykin
Cerebus - Dave Sim
Black Hammer - Jeff Lemiere


Not sure about the best but definitely one of my favorites: Punisher MAX by Garth Ennis


I personally love the Claremont/Sienkiewicz run on New Mutants. The best DC stuff is already listed.

Edit: Didn’t note the etc. In that case my favorite Image title is The Maxx. Short series.


Scott Snyder’s run on Batman was pretty incredible.
Kevin Smith’s run on Daredevil was cool


My absolute favorite run was Brian Azzarello’s new 52 Wonder Woman run.

Brian Azzarello’s new52 Wonder Woman run was/IS the best run that character ever had, absolutely loved everything about it. The darker,more serious tone, her more familial connection with the gods, the mafia-style politics of Olympus, and her supporting cast of characters; Zola, Hera, Strife, Hermes, Orion, and even Ares. And Diana herself was far stronger, more confident, and a lot more self-reliant than any of her previous incarnations and fought for every scrap of respect she got.

There were just so many moving parts going on, so many different factions amongst the Gods themselves vying for power and forming alliances, and even hints at New Genesis being involved in some way, that universe that Brian Azzarello created had infinite possibilities, and was the MOST interesting & compelling that Wonder Woman has been in forever. Too bad DC editorial never saw the potential in that, and stupidly retconned everything again in Rebirth.


This is a great topic. I could probably go on forever, (50 plus years of reading these “four color” wonders) but I will keep it to ten for the sake of brevity.

  1. Amazing Spider-Man by Lee and Ditko (#'s 1-38)
  2. Fantastic Four by Lee, Kirby, Ayers and Sinnott (#'s 1-100) R.I.P. Mr. Sinnott
  3. The Avengers by Lee, Thomas, Kirby, Heck, John and Sal Buscema (#'s 1-100)
  4. Justice League of America by O’Neil, Dilllin, Wein , Bates, Maggin and Englehart (the Satellite Era)
  5. Green Lantern/Green Arrow by O’Neil and Adams (#'76-89)
  6. The New Teen Titans by Wolfman, Perez and Tanghal
  7. Superman by Byrne, Jurgens, Wolfman, Ordway, Simonson, Stern, (1986-1996)
  8. Batman by O’Neil, Adams, Novick and Giordano (1970’s)
  9. Superman by O’Neil, Bates, Maggin, Pasko,Swan, Anderson, Adkins, Hunt and Chiaramonte (1970’s)
  10. The Legion of Super-Heroes by Shooter, Swan and Klein (#'s 347-380)

Oh thank u, u reminded me I forgot.
WW- Greg Rucka .
Tons more I’m forgetting I know it. I’ll say I’ve never read a bad Freedom Fighters & love Jurgens run on it, I love every run of FF tho too, or, Uncle Sam & the FF if people wanna get picky on the older ones. O.Neil & Cowan’s The Question & John’s Stars & Stripe come to mind too b4 I exit for good.


Okay, I’ll pick 10 of my favorite DC runs, and will probably regret leaving an important one out later:

• Denny O’Neil’s The Question
• Neil Gaiman’s Sandman
• Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka’s Gotham Central
• Christopher Priest’s Deathstroke
• Kelley Puckett’s Batgirl
• Sam Humphries’ Green Lanterns
• John Ostrander & Kim Yale’s Suicide Squad
• Garth Ennis’ Hitman
• Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing
• Robert Venditti’s Hawkman


Reading your list, @capo-mage, and I instantly regret leaving off John Rogers and Keith Giffen’s Blue Beetle, and Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman.


I regret leaving off some from every list on here lol. Also, I can never think of things for lists in the moment. They always come later. As far as DC that is. It’s just that my head is filled with so many DC related things that it’s overloaded. I regretted leaving Puckett out as soon as I saw yours & now that made me think of Kelley Jones see, it never ends.


DC Comics

Batman by Scott Snyder
Superman by Peter J Tomasi
Swamp Thing by Alan Moore
Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison
Batwoman by JH Williams and Haden Blackmen
Green Lantern/Green Arrow by Dennis O’Neil
Batman by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sales
Zatanna by Paul Dini
Animal Man by Grant Morrison
Robin/Nightwing/Birds of Prey by Chuck Dixon
Legends of the Dark Knight by Various
Mister Miracle by Tom King
The Sandman by Neil Gaiman
Suicide Squad by John Ostrander
Green Arrow by Mike Grell
The Question by Dennis O’Neil
The New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman
Aquaman by Geoff Johns
Catwoman by Joelle Jones
Detective Comics Rebirth by James Tynion IV
Birds of Prey by Gail Simon


Hawkeye by Matt Fraction
Spider-Man by Stan Lee /Jerry Conway
Daredevil by Frank Miller/Kevin Smith/Bendis/Mark Waid
Jessica Jones/Alias by Bendis


Invincible by Robert Kirkman
Hellboy by Mike Menyola
Saga by Brian K Vanghun
Y: The Last Man by Brian K Vanghun


Ostrander and Mandrake on Spectre
Vendetti’s current Hawkman run
Steve Engelhart and Marshall Rodgers Detective run
Cary Bates and Dave Cockrum/Mike Grell Legion run


Seeing Robert Kirkman’s name in a few posts reminded me of the book that he should be well known for:

Battle Pope

Battle Pope has one of the best taglines ever:

“When he’s not leadin’ mass, he’s out kickin’ ass!”