Best runs for Wally West

I want to read some really great runs of Wally West Flash. Any recommendations?

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I’m going to second this. Bonus points if those issues are on the service.

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Mark Waid and Geoff Johns would be the obvious answers. The Return of Barry Allen from Waid’s run is fantastic.


I definitely reccomend the William Messner Loebs run #16-61, the Mark Waid run #62-117 and the Brian Augustyn #118-160
Pretty much the straight shot from 16-160 is awesome. Mike Baron’s Run from 1-15 is meh but it introduces a lot of Characters that become intregal to Wally’s career such as Tina and Jerry McGee, Chester P. Runk (Chunk) Connie Noelski, and it redefines Wally’s relationship with his parents both past and present. Geoff Johns Run is pretty good as well. While i can’t disagree enough with his belief that heroes have to be created out of tragedy, he does manage to tell some really powerful stories.


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Just start with vol 2 and work your way to Waid’s run and than John’s run. Near perfect series to those points.

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The waid and johns run seems to be what most of the masses like. I prefer the Loebs run.

@KlarionTheWitchBoy @shanty51.96774 Thanks…much appreciated.

Mark Waid and Geoff Johns are really all you need to be perfectly honest. Waid gives you the Speed Force, which writers are still building off of today, Impulse, Max Mercury, a solidified Flash Family (With Wally, Bart, Jay, Max, Johnny, and Jesse), the evolution of Wally’s relationship with Linda Park, Savitar, the Return of Barry Allen, and Chain Lightning. John’s goes on to give you Hunter Zolomon, more problems in the life of Wally and Linda, the Secret of Barry Allen, and Rogues War. I’d also throw in the 12 issue Grant Morrison run, which isn’t as good as the other 2, but people forget that was the run where we got Wally first racing the Black Flash, along with The Human Race (Excellent story). So between those 3 writers you have over 100 issues of quality story telling.


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I recommend Mark Waid Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns run all in Flash(1987-2007)

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No secret here–the Waid and Johns runs. Epic. Those issues cemented Wally as the one, true Flash.

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The double whammy of Chain Lightning and the Dark Flash saga is worth it not only for Waid’s fantastic finale to his run, but also for Augustyn’s art

Augustyn and Waid were co-writers. The artists were Paul Pelletier (Pencils) and Jose Marzan. (Inks)


You’re absolutely right. Thank you!

The Flash “1987” on here. #164-#225. That’s the Johns run. As others have already pointed out. Excellent read. I believe after #220-#225 it then continues on in Gotham Central issues #28-#31. I believe it will mention that switch in those issues. I write all my issues in a notebook then check off each individual one after I finish it., & I have an arrow pointing from #225 to Gotham Central #28-#31 & there checked off. Which means I read it in that order. Others I’d suggest; Terminal Velocity (The Flash vol 2 issues #95-#100) , The return of Barry Allen( The Flash vol 2 #73-#79, Green Lantern vol 3 #40),The Dark Flash Saga (Flash vol 2 issues #152-#159.)