Best Practices: Collecting/Reading Comics

I know some of the experienced collectors on the community can provide advice that will help others begin their comic journey. (Collecting, Reading)

Figuring out continuity can be tough. DC Database helped me when I was first starting out.

Does anyone have best practices (documentation) for bags and boards?

Start with trades and choose one or two recent series you really want to read. Then expand into other series as you have a better sense of what you like.
I would recommend starting with Snyder’s Justice League because it manages to rely on so little continuity while making its own. It spends more time creating than reusing. It also doesn’t have a lot of tie ins. The buy order would be

Justice: No Justice (Coming to DCU weekly in may) 4 issues incredible story
Justice League Vol. 1 The Totality
Justice League Vol. 2 The Graveyards of Gods
Justice League Vol. 3 Hawkworld
Justice League Vol. 4 Sixth Dimension (Not out yet)

With any extra money you have I would start reading the other Justice League series (Its also a perfect collectors series because the following series will tie into one big event at the end of the year

In this order I would catch up on your collection
Justice League Dark
Justice League Odyssey
Batman Who Laughs
I think there’s one more series. Brownie points to whoever knows what it is.


If anyone is interested… The Library of Congress has some good guidelines and sources:

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For an easier collecting beginning start with Batman Rebirth and its 8 volumes. There will be another 8 but the series is very linear so it would be easier.

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@Nathan.Payson Thank you.