Best Post of the Week in All Categories!

Post of the Week:I Will Answer Your Who Would Win in a Fight Questions by @HubCityQuestion

Best General Post: What character deserves their own live action movie next? by @GAHarris5

Best Watchtower Announcement: OFFICE HOURS: Every Thursday @6pm PST/9pm EST by @applejack

Best News Article: The Evolution of DOOM PATROL’s Cyborg by Joshua Bertone

Best Comics Post: What made you drop a book? by @benlibodi

Best TV Post: Doom Patrol pilot VS The Umbrella Academy by @IssacBrown

Best Collectibles Post: Walmart exclusive DC Collectibles Batman: Black and White mini-figures.
by @Vroom

Best Fan Creation Post:Fanart #7 sketched, inked, and colored by me. Harley Quinn! Blue and pink jester suit by hklolpop11

Best Suggestion Box: Titans and Doom Patrol Merch by @thedoctorbrody

Best Random Topic: The age old question that strengthens and weakens bonds all at once by @LifeNoob98

Best Investigative Report: That Night in Crime Alley by @hubcityquestion

Best Event: Doom Patrol Episode 2 Donkey Patrol

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