Best place to start with Kyle Rayner?

Gonna ask the community for some suggestions for Kyle Rayner comics and where to start. Era doesn’t matter to me either, hit me with your best!

The Green Lantern Kyle Rayner trades are your best and easiest bet for his solo adventures from the beginning.

JLA #'s 1-4 (the first arc of the series) are on DCU at the moment and very much worth a read.

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Green Lantern Rebirth (the first one) is a great place to start with any GL. If your mainly interested in Kyle go from there to Green Lantern Corps and the Ion series dipping back into the main Green Lantern book for events like Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night. In the New 52 era read New Guardians and Omega Men.

Since most of Green Lantern’s history manages to survives after Flash Point and the New 52 reboot I recommend finding and starting with Green Lantern Vol 3 issue 48. The refrigerator panel is one of the biggest “they didn’t really do that” moments in all of comics.

If your trying to get into the story lines in rebirth I suggest starting with Green Lanterns New Guardians. I really loved this series and it’s a pretty good starting point.

Kyles first few months as a.GL were the best.


The newest issue of the Titans has Kyle on the last page. It appears from the submissions that he might be with the group for a while, replacing Nightwing as a member, but not as leader.

Since this is Donna Troy week here, because of her first appearance on the TV series here, and since the Titans comic book is the only place Donna appears, this issue is important because Donna finally takes control of the situation. For the last few issues, she had been an angry, violent, alcoholic, completely against the characterization of the character elsewhere and in prior issues of this series. Now she is returning to her real self.

This comic recently undertook a major change. There seemed to be an attempt by editorial to revive the original new teen titans, without using all of the original new teen titans members.

Dick and Donna remained on the book, while the other four original teen titans were removed, including the original Wally West. Now two of them are among the casualties in Heroes in Crisis. And Nightwing is also no longer in Titans, because of substantial injuries he suffered in Batman. This is emphasized in the cover of this issue. Again, this is editorial, not the choice of the writer.

With the Titans Special 1, Gar and Raven returned to Titans, (previously serving on New Teen Titans). though Gar is almost unrecognizable as a. green Hulk like character. Since Kori and Victor are in Justice League Odyssey, Miss Martian has replaced Starfire and Steel replaced Cyborg. Since Miss Martian is a powerful red headed alien, though green or white, not orange, and Steel is an very intelligent, black, armored super hero, their power sets are similar to the originals made unavailable by editorial, but their personalities are not similar.

This issue is a ‘come aboard’ one and has reset the mood of the last number of issues, and the series may become fun again, like the variant cover of all of them. Including Kyle, in a great looking convertible, in space. Since they are near the Source Wall currently, they are near to where Kori and Victor,are, though no interactions have been specified in the submissions.

Kyle and Donna were lovers in the past. Both are artists (Donna is a photographer.) and were a good pair to ship. Perhaps that back story will be used in this series.

Finally. Omega Men, is an excellent story by Tom King. Kyle is in it, but not the main character. To me, he is the soul of the series. There is a lot of violence in this story. Characters you come to care about, die.

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