Best Non-Super Hero Comic Series

What are the best non-Super Hero comic book series, DC or otherwise? Please include a brief description.

I really enjoyed Chase - a comic from the 90’s that followed a federal agent who investigated Metahuman crimes.

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The Wildstorm stuff is pretty good, old and new. It’s basically black ops missions with space and alien invasion threats thrown into the mix

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Y The Last Man - Vertigo

This guy has to keep a low profile and get across the county in post apocalyptic world where every man on the planet suddenly died.

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I’ve really been enjoying Curse of Brimstone, which is under DCs New Age of Heroes but its far from a cape book. Outside of that I really like Lion Forge’s Jazz Maynard series.


Darwin Cooke’s take on the Parker (Richard Stark’s creation) stories are great. Check out The Hunter, Slayground, The Man With the Getaway Face and The Score.

The movie about Parker with Jason Statham is awful. If you want to see a good movie adaptation watch Payback starring Mel Gibson. It’s based on The Hunter with changed names (ie. Parker is changed to Porter) and some different situations but is quite faithful in tone and spirit.