Best Moments in the Arkham games?

So I recently just finished playing every Arkham game and I wanna know what everyone’s favorite moments are in the games!


Not so much a moment in the plot, but… in Predator sections, when I let the last henchman standing see me coming for him before I knock him out.

Also: “I set a trap, and you sprang it GLORIOUSLY! Welcome to the madhouse, Batman!”


The Mr. Freeze boss fight from Arkham City and the Deathstroke boss fight in Arkham Origins. Freeze tested you on everything you learned up to that point in terms of stealth, and the Deathstroke fight just felt like you were actually fighting him.


I think the best fight in the entire Arkham series was the Mr. Freeze fight in Arkham City. The fight against Killer Croc in Arkham was intense. Always look forward to the Firefly bridge fight in Arkham Origins. In general one aspect that Arkham Origins shined at was boss fights.


I’ll pick one from each —

Asylum: Scarecrow’s Crime Alley sequence. My favorite of the many, many iterations of that scene.

City: The incredibly tense boss fight with Mr. Freeze.

Origins: The incredibly INtense boss fight with Deathstroke.

Knight: Every part of the grand finale, from teaming up with Oracle against the militia to confronting the imprint of The Joker within your own mind.


“Now let’s get this party started”


HCQ has hit most of the best serious points, so I’ll take the ones that got the best laughs out of me.

Arkham Asylum: The Joker taunting over the intercom systems was already a scream, but have you ever listened closely to the opening Warden Sharp screed? It’s amazing.

Arkham City: “Oh, did I forget to mention the shark?”

Arkham Origins: Leave Black Mask to hang around until he finishes his monologue. For that matter, leave Anarky lying around once captured until he finishes his monologue.

The Arkham Knight game is a masterpiece from start to finish, but off the top of my head, I about died when ]the Arkham Knight burst through the tunnel wall in his Excavator and dropped that line about “I was going to ask if it came in black, but I figured you’d just get jealous.” Of course, I then actually died in the ensuing chase sequence about 50 kajillion times. Dammit, Jason.] As a non-comedic scene, though, I have to side with HCQ. I have a special love for that Oracle team-up sequence in the end.


Even though it terrified me at the time, the start of the final Scarecrow encounter in Asylum is an absolute classic. Sure I thought my game had actually crashed and started over, but that’s exactly what the game wanted me to think, so it was definitely a success.

And Joker may have the funniest line in the series: “What are you really scared of? Failing to save this cesspool of a city? Not finding the commissioner in time? Me…in a thong?”


It’s not a story moment, but Batman going to Crime Alley in City and listening to Strange’s recording was both creepy and heartfelt in the best ways. Hearing Strange torment Batman in what he knows will be a moment of weakness for Bruce helps solidify him as a great villain, and when it cuts to the music, it’s just a wonderfully simple moment of Batman remembering his mission and the darkness that inspired it.

One story moment that did really stick out was when Batman regains control at the beginning of Protocol 10 and is coordinating with Alfred and Oracle. Not only does the amazing score help build up the intensity of the moment, but I’m always struck by the way Alfred stands up to Bruce wanting to go after Talia. He definitely lets Bruce get away with a lot of sh*t, even if he’ll still call it out, but hearing him actually put his foot down and straight up refuse to push Strange/Protocol 10 to the side was just a great moment for him. His reasoning makes perfect sense and it’s one of many reminders of just how important Alfred is to Bruce’s mission.


The ending to the Bane fight in Origins has always been a highlight to me due to the brilliant retconning. Probably my least favorite aspect of Asylum and City was how Bane was written as little more than a dumb, overpowered brute, and it was really refreshing to see him as a true criminal mastermind in Origins. While I wish he could’ve been written that way throughout the whole series, I appreciated that Origins addressed this discrepancy from the comics and actually showed how using the TN-1 had adverse effects on his mental capacity.


Even though I pretty much knew it was gonna be a fakeout, Barbara’s “death” in Knight still hit hard mainly because of Batman’s reaction. It’s so rare to get that kind of emotion out of Bruce, especially in costume, so seeing him look so broken right after was just really impactful. Even though she did turn back up alive, the moment still very much works for me because it did what Crane wanted: in that moment, it helped further break down Bruce’s resolve.

That said, the major actual death also hit hard, as it was a shock to see them actually kill off Poison Ivy. Granted, I know there’s also hints that she may not be gone for good, but for the sake of the story, it still comes across as a final sacrifice. I definitely didn’t see a redemption arc coming for her, but it does kind of make sense in hindsight. We really only saw her as a full villain in Asylum, and even then you could argue that her actions were being at least partially influenced by the Titan she took. At the end of the day, the game understood that Ivy will do anything to protect her plants, so seeing her utilize the abilities of an ancient tree not only felt fitting, but was also pretty badass. And the scene immediately after her sacrifice with the plant remains floating down on the city like snowfall made for some hauntingly beautiful imagery.

Lastly, I’ve gotta shout out the ending to Mr. Freeze’s story from the Most Wanted DLC. I absolutely loved Freeze’s depiction in this series, and finally bringing an unfrozen Nora into the fold was a perfect way to end his arc here. Like Nora said, time was never on their side, even with her frozen, and it always seemed like a truly happy ending wasn’t in the cards for them. Still, there’s a strange sense of comfort knowing that Victor will be able to leave his old life behind to finally spend some meaningful time with Nora before she dies. While I suppose it’s always possible that he could return to crime after that happens, it’d seem redundant without the reason for why he started in the first place. For what it is, it really felt like a perfectly fitting ending for both of them.


Favorite personal moment… in Arkham Knight, when Two-Face and gang were on the hunt, I zapped the escalator they were riding. Took the whole lot of them down with the one hit lol. Was like something out of Looney Tunes.


You know the line of Joker goons in Arkham Asylum who come to celebrate your party? You know how they line up neatly? Try your zipline and have some fun.


All of them


Asylum-Scarecrow Crime Alley
City-Mr Freeze boss fight
Knight-whole ending sequence(from oracle and Batman stopping the GCPD invasion to Batman letting go of Joker from his mind)
Origins-Deathstroke and the whole “ALFRED!” Sequence


This series is one of my fav video game series and I hope in a way it can be revisited one day​:crossed_fingers:t2:


I’m going to dispense with the spoiler tags because at this point I think we can assume this is just a spoilery thread:

One little moment in Arkham Knight that had me in stitches was when I went to use the voice synthesizer for the Militia after the climax, expecting to synthesize Deathstroke’s voice, only for it to instead synthesize the Arkham Knight’s voice, and all the Militia members to just go “Sir! You came back! I knew you wouldn’t abandon us!” and follow his orders without question. I couldn’t stop laughing. Yes, men, the Arkham Knight is back, and he announced it by ordering you to check that crate.

Also, shoutout to Troy Baker for a great line read when the Arkham Knight figures out your voice synthesizer trick in the first place.


One of my favorite moments in any game is the opening of Arkham City, when the gates open and you see the hundreds of inmates climbing on walls like monkeys in a zoo, and then Penguin strolls up like he’s in charge of the chaos. Hands down one of the best beginnings of any game.


So many moments a lot were named so I’ll name some more.

Asylum- the opening scene. Just a great start to it all and scarecrow scenes. So amazingly fearful.

City- Clayface terror fight and the Ra’s battle. Freezes scenes were amazing as well.

Origins- Deathstroke steals the show but the Bane fight on the roof was amazing. My favorite Bane battle.

Knight- so many. The Jason reveal the oracle last stand the joker end scene. The scene when joker first appeared was great and a nice surprise. But ivy’s death was probably one of my top moments.

Fun moments- the goons they’re always fun. The asylum line up beat down. Man bat jump scare. The joker head chats. Alfreds wit. And all those small details.

But who could forget
:notes:Look who’s Laughing Now​:notes:


I liked all the various Easter Eggs… Usually they were tied to Riddler challenges.

The Scarecrow moments in Asylum were cool, I remember that first encounter(?), where it breaks the fourth wall and your game starts “glitching”, I shut my 360 off so fast, I already experienced the RROD once, hahaha

I thought the multiplayer aspect of Origins was unique. Too bad it was around the time of gamers disliking multiplayer in single player oriented games.

I really liked the Batmobile in Knight, the puzzles were probably annoying but driving around ramming thugs was fun. I’m still really upset I’ll never get the Adam West skin though, since I’m on Xbox, and said they were too lazy to port it or whatever…


… I loved Arkham Knight but I can safely say you are the first person I have heard express this opinion. I know I was terrible at it… it was only my sheer love of completionism that let me finish all those driving puzzles, and I definitely never did the AR challenges.


Looks both ways

Takes a deep breath

The Batmobile was the only thing I liked about Knight. Including the story. Especially including the story.



… I’ll give you the batmobile. I liked it…