Best Lantern Constructs

I’ve been getting real into the Lanterns this week. Needless to say, they have a bunch of awesome constructs. What are some of talks favorite ones? For fun include a picture if possible!


Personally, I love how much fun Kyle has with his!


Kyle is always the best. His artistic eye and creativity is just to much fun. I always picture some random issue where he made a knight riding a horse with a lance charge at something when it probably would have had the same effect if he just made a sharp green line, but that’s not Kyle.


Even though they couldn’t fully show it in Injustice 2, this one’s an absolute classic

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Hal’s are the strongest, Kyle’s are the most detailed and creative and John’s are in between.

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Some Kyle


Some Hal

I always really liked the constructs. I’m sure I have a bunch of John but I never classified his. He is the Architect after all.


Post your favorite, or just coolest looking Lantern of any origin Constructs.

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Kyle Ryner has the best constructs because of his artistic ability!


I was thinking literally the exact same thing when I created this thread. I’ve seen some cool ones in all Corps tho. Kyles are sweet!!!

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I have to say Kyle and John have the best constructs in the GL corps. They are so detailed and methodical they are just great to look at.

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We’re sharing a brain today. I was gonna use a Stewart sniper rifle construct for the thread pic. Then I remembered that Rayner one.

Hal with the Ram.

Hal again…

That’s my favorite! Giant Guardian of the Universe head in a not-so-flattering-style!

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Idk what happened lol? I guess we got merged. When I created mine there wasn’t anything at all in the similar to category on the side. That’s weird. Both have the same Rayner pic too. Those are pretty crazy odds. Yours looks way better btw!!! Sorry @TheFirstRobin1 yours didn’t show up when I was creating mine in the similar to box? Maybe because it was exactly the same lol.

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Hal again…again…lol

Hal being Hal.

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Some Parallax.