Best Kiss in DC? 💋

Who had the best kiss in DC?

My favorite was when Livewire kissed Inspector Turpin

(Of course it killed him!)


Please do not report. This is a pure post.

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I’ll throw this one out there.


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If kissing a smoker is like kissing an ass-tray


Kissing Killer Frost is like kissing a slurpee

I’d kiss her lol


This post needs more love (pun intended)

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@Gibby I’d say Darkseid killed Turpin since he, y’know…did kill him. Of course, Darkseid would just say “Who?” when the name comes up because he’s a gigantic as-…um, jerk.

Favorite Smooch…hmmm…when I was on the cusp of entering my teenage years, I was always very envious of the smooch Bruce got from Chase at the end of Batman Forever. A fellah could indeed work too late after that one.

As a kid, I was envious of Batman when Catwoman straddled him in Batman Returns and licked his face. Heck, I’m an adult and I still envy him :wink:

I’ll stick with the end smooch from Batman Forever as far as my favorite DC movie kiss goes.


Those are great choices. That was the best Kidman ever looked in her career…

And yep, that kitty lick!!

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