Best Green Lantern?

Who do you think is the best Green Lantern? I have to say I’m a big fan of Jon Stewart. He had more heart than any of the others to me. I’m not trying to argue, would just like to see other opinions.

Kyle Rayner

Hal Jordan is the best GL in my opinion (as in strongest, created a ring out of his own will, and Sinestro said so), but I think John is the best GL Corps. leader. I like seeing them work together. Actually, I really liked how the 4 older Earth GLs interacted and were shown to have different strengths throughout Hal Jordan and the GLC.

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John Stewart, Kilowog, and Mogo has always been my three favorite lanterns. I just love the idea of a planet being a green lantern.

Also Mogo is THE most powerful Green Lantern not Hal. Hal is like an ant compared to Mogo’s power lol. But Hal is probably the strongest lantern of sector 2814.