Best Golden Age comics ?

I am enjoying my fair share of detective comics and the flash, any other recommandations from that era ?


The first few years of Action Comics Superman stories are really good, probably some of the best Superman stuff prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

I also highly recommend the first issue of Batman’s original standalone series. The Joker story (his first appearance) is one of the best Joker stories.


As a completist I would like to see the whole book though and so far they are only doing the headliner or “big gun” without any of the backups or fillers.

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I was a bit sorry they didn’t have the while book on most Golden Age comics (although some do, but most of the anthology ones that don’t feature many currently relevant heroes tend to only have the big names stories). To be fair, I can see why they would be reluctant to spend the time, money and even server space for that many pages when the truth is most would only read the featured characters stories especially in early Detective, Sensation and Action Comics and the like, where there were not many other Superhero stories. But still kind of a shame they didn’t do it.

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One thing I’ll give Marvel credit for is that they’ve been really good about digitizing complete golden and silver age anthology books instead of just the A list superhero features (with the odd exception of Journey Into Mystery after the first appearance of Thor). On the other hand Marvel was the smaller publisher until sometime in the 1990s so they have less material lying around and they own it all whereas DC being created from an amalgam of comic book companies from 1937 on has a much more fragmented history.

THE SANDMAN is one that’s a consistently. Wesley’s gas gun and mask make for a memorable visual.

A consistently fun read, that is.

All-Star Comics!

One series I would really love to see added are the Starman stories from Adventure Comics. Jack Burnley is an underrated artist who doesn’t get the respect he deserves and would add some context to the Robinson series.

Best Golden Age stuff? Outside of some unfortunate stereotypes, the original Fawcett Captain Marvel is great. Plastic Man, too. There could be others but I’m more familiar with the Silver and Bronze Ages.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the early Superman stories in Action Comics by Siegel and Shuster. Especially in that first year, before any supervillains show up. It presents Superman as a people’s champion who uses his incredible powers to punish those who exploit others for their own gain in ways that are way too familiar to this very day. Look no further for evidence that the heroes of DC have always been Social Justice Warriors.

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