Best flash comics

i’m looking for some great flash issues and storylines, can i have some recommendations l, I’m not super well versed so if i could get some good suggestions i’d appreciate it

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The first trade from the current run is great. I think it’s called Lightning Strikes Twice. Writer is Joshua Williamson. Has the Rebirth one shot followed by #1-8. Hop on board!

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All five volumes of “The Flash by Geoff Johns” are slam dunk humdingers of literary amazement.


Framcis Manapul’s run (first two volumes on here) doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

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“The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive” is pretty rad too.


who wrote that one vroom

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The Mark Waid run was also excellent. Also if you can get ahold of some of the Silver Age Infantino run (is anyone at DC Universe paying attention?) you will be amazed.


Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo (showrunners of the original Flash TV show) wrote issues 1 through 8, while Marc Guggenheim finished off the series with issues 9 through 13.

The aforementioned Flash series with art by Francis Manapul (and written by Geoff Johns too) is worth reading also.

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The Flash: Rebirth (not to be confused with the current Flash series that started under the DC Universe Rebirth banner) mini-series is great too. It is also penned by Geoff Johns and available in the Comics section.

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Flash Year One by Waid rules.

Oddly the best Flash stories are of Wally West spexifically Geoff Johns stuff. Fladh 160 or so to 230 or so.