best decade of comics

what is the best decade of all comics

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The eighties

Batman 66 TV made the comics silly and so i left in 1967.

During the Bronze Age i came
back. There was nothing silly
about monsters, Dracula
Franenstein Zombie First
Appearance of Tigra. First comics wriien by Chris Claremont with female leads Then Tomb Of Dracula by Marv Wolfman. Man Thing had an annual called The Kid’s Night Out about a fat kid like me along with the first Howard the Duck.

I bought back issues of the
Kree Scrull War by Roy Thomas and some work by Neal Adams. Conan the Barbarian.
Bought DC back issues Swamp
Thing GL/GA.

Dr Strange Avengers and New
Xmen was great with art by
John Byrne but so was Len Wein Satellite JLA. Egleheart and Rogers in Detective
Comics Spectre in Adventures
comics. All Star Comics with JSA and then All Star Squadron. The artwork was often very clean and never bizarre like some Comics today.

I really didnt see the purpose
of Crisis of Infinite Earths and
the deaths of Earth 2 Supergirl
and FIash but Perez Wonder
Woman and Byrne Man of Steel were great.

Later I would get every issue
of Batman Year One Dark
Knight Returns Watchmen
Killing Joke and appreciated
their sophistication but not
their darkness.


1940s. It’s called the Golden Age for a reason.


You get the highest highs and lowest lows from the '90s. The early '90s had a lot of crap, but the late '90s were actually really good.


This is a weird one. The best ten years of comics are 1995-2005. Particularly for DC, but they were also a major step forward in artistic experimentation and creator rights. The best decade is the seventies. People start taking comics seriously but don’t make them serious. If that makes sense.


Gonna have to go with the 80’s. Just too much happening. The Heavy Metal aesthetic was coming into full force. Moebius and Frazetta were in full swing. The British invasion was taking off. Alan Moore had already written the best work of his career (shots fired lol, half joking) and so had Frank Miller (more serious here). You get just the start of it, a lot of classic Vertigo was the next decade, but you were seeing the seeds of it. Akira and Ghost in the Shell were published early in the decade to be adapted later in the decade and introduce anime to America.

While I could probably write something similar for any decade, too much was happening in too many different places, and then they all started cross-influencing each other. Gotta go with the 80’s because that’s when you really saw American, Euro, and Manga styles notice each other and start to copy each other. So much evolution so quickly.


1986 - 1996

-the tail end of Crisis on Infinite Earths
-History of the DCU
-Who’s Who
-Man of Steel
-Perez’s Wonder Woman
-Batman: Year One
-The Dark Knight Returns
-Hawk & Dove (a personal fave)
-Wally West coming into his own as The Flash
-The Death of Superman
-Knightfall, Knightquest, Knightsend
-Emerald Dawn (with Kyle Rayner’s introduction!)
-Kingdom Come

It gets no better for me.

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Makes total sense to me.
The 1970s (early to mid Bronze Age)
That 10 years s saw growth in comics as viable art. Dealing with serious issues & serious psychological components, but not compelled to be dark & gritty. (A compulsion we saw in the mid-late 80’s)

Better stories and storytelling because it could still be fun and work on multiple levels so young readers could appreciate them but so to could older readers as they saw the more intellectual levels those comics had. Bring in the classical physical form in art, very renaissance feel to it. (Thank you Neal Adams)


I really do feel this is a matter of personal preference. Every decade has something to fall in love with. <3

That said, my personal favorite is probably the past ten or so years. I really do enjoy how art programs and technological changes have offered a really wide range of art styles within comics. Art has always been a big draw for me when it comes to comics. I’m a huge fan of semi-realism to photorealism in comics, which is fairly modern.

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Artistically, I couldn’t ever pick just one decade. They all have their homeruns.

In terms of pure fun…maybe the 90’s, and for me that’s because of the Triangle Era of Superman, Jim Lee’s rise, how Marvel rocked X-Men, and the debut of Image, a company that really did revolutionize the industry.

In terms of outreach and making comics easier than ever to obtain, it’s without question this decade and that’s purely due to digital distribution.

Digital has made comics available on a scale unseen in decades and decades, and perhaps even greater as people didn’t have a 24 hour a day source to buy comics from all those years ago.

The larger the audiences that comics can be put in front of the better. That’s great for the industry, which in turn is great for the fans. It keeps the comic book trains chugging along on time for all of us.


For me…
The '80s.

DC had it’s iconic heroes still mostly recognizable, and the new blood that started in the late '70s with Huntress, Power Girl and Firestorm continued to grow with Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, the Outsiders, Infinity Inc, JL Detroit, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Fire, Ice and others.

And the stories were more serious than the past comics, but not as depressing as the later comics.
Supporting characters and subplots were also very good during that time.


As a fan of Scott Snyder, I’d go with the current decade. Beyond his DC runs, his horror has been a joy to read (American Vampire, wytches, etc).

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silver age 60s

@Zatanna, you are incorrect. This is not a matter of personal taste. 1986-1996 is the best decade.

So there!

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You are mistaken. The dark age of comics stunk like rotten fish.

It’s the Bronze Age.

Dat’s da fac, Jack!!!
Anyone who doesn’t think that is just an idiot in search of a village. (Yes this is just a comedic interlude. Don’t take it seriously. Everybody’s got their favorite and it’s the right choice for them.)

I may be an idiot, but there’s a whole village who agrees with me!

Wait a minute, I’m not sure that came out right…

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2001 to 2010. Before New 52 ruined things and Bendis wrote good books.


If it’s just Marvel, it has to be the sixties. Right before our eyes, in a span of 10 years, an entire comic book universe is born, nurtured, and expanded. When you factor in DC, I would pick the seventies. DC finally catches up to Marvel in the new aesthetic of story-telling. Characterizations are more defined in the DCU and multi-issue stories become prevalent. And if an era can be defined by one character and one creative team (Spider-Man by Lee and Ditko) than seventies DC comics become synonymous with THE Batman by O’Neil and Adams. For sheer experimentation and ballsiness the eighties is a close second.

I still stick with the 40s, but I might say that in general, the even decades (40s, 60s, 80s, 00s) are generally superior to the odd decades (50s, 70s, 90s, 10s). The best of the odd decades is obviously the 70s (by an absurdly large margin), but I would give an honorable mention to what little we got from the 30s.

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You are all wrong the best decade is the next one. New stories from old and new creators with diversity and inclusion. Stories that are created for the screen instead of adapted.