BEST DC Character That Never Gets Recognition?

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Tim Drake

He doesnt get anywhere near the love that the other Robins do.


The Phantom Stranger. He’s so under appreciated.

Honorable Mention
While she gets some love, I don’t think Zatanna gets nearly as much love as she should.


Depends on how we define “never gets any recognition,” but I’m actually glad they’ve been using Azrael a bit more recently. I’ve been reading his solo series, and his Hulk-ish split personality conflict is actually pretty compelling, the Order of St. Dumas make interesting villains, and his original costume has an awesome design (except for the fact that the gloves look like oven mitts). I think the fact that his first and only major storyline was being the edgy, hate-sink Batman (and the fact that all the filler in Knightquest started to make it look like he was supposed to be permanent) kind of screwed up his chances at having a larger role in the DCU. Plus, he didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the Bat-Family and was never on any other teams until recently. It might’ve actually been interesting if they’d stuck him with the Outsiders. I never really followed them but it seems like he might fit a bit better with a more tangentially Batman-related team of misfits than the core Bat-Family.

Some other characters I like who don’t get the love they deserve:
I’ll second Zatanna. It’s a shame her solo series was so short-lived; it looked like it was going somewhere interesting.
Captain Atom tends to crop up as a government stooge or random cannon fodder, which is a little disappointing for one of the DCU’s most powerful heroes.
Martian Manhunter only seems to get any attention in the context of the Justice League. He’s the only founder who can’t seem to hold down a solo series for any extended length of time.
Cassandra Cain has been alternatingly ignored and mistreated by DC’s higher-ups. Hope that changes after she shows up in that Harley Quinn movie that the Birds of Prey are gonna get stuck in.
Alan Scott doesn’t seem to get much love, even compared to Jay Garrick.
Lady Shiva deserves an ongoing, or at least a miniseries. I don’t even like villain-based series, but I feel like Shiva could actually support one.
The Ventriloquist and Scarface are some of Batman’s better gimmick villains, and they should at least pop up a bit more often.
Literally any of Nightwing’s rogues gallery. Half of them got turned into that pointless reformed criminal support group in Tim Seeley’s run and none of the others ever seem to show up anywhere anymore.


Let’s be honest nightwing batgirl or poison ivy…want proof when was the last time nightwing was even in a live action movie same with batgirl or poison ivy


Livewire, hands down.

While she had some screentime on CW’s Supergirl, I felt like they chose the wrong actress ahd the poor costume design/hair.

Still, she deserves her own comic, she’s to Superman/Supergirl what Screwball is to Spider-Man.


Nightwing is coming on Titans season 2
They set that up pretty clear


I’d definitely second the mention of Captain Atom.
I’m also fairly fond of Blue Devil
And Firestorm


Cyborg. He should be a blockbuster standalone hero as much as all of the other members of the Justice League as he absolutely deserves the recognition.

But, for some reason people turn their nose up at him. No idea why, he’s a great character.


B’Wana Beast!!!


The Phantom Stranger… Very much a wild card and ever really gets involved in earthly matters. In fact even when he does he sort of let’s events play out…and hasn’t show n up very often in current books…JLD aside…I actually like the fact that the likes of both are rarely seen in that it sort of lends more creedence to when he actually does show up… Deadman and the Spectre are another two that don’t see a lot of time…

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Martian Manhunter. Usually when people refer to the Justice League they usually talk about the Trinity or the Flash or Green Lantern, but J’onn hardly ever gets mentioned as isn’t even part of the Original 7 any more in the comics and animated movies. He’s such a humble yet powerful character. He could destroy almost anyone but he chooses not to. In Justice League Unlimited I loved Carl Lumbly voicing J’onn as he finally got his moments to shine and really show how powerful he is. He’s also like a father to many of the leaguers. To Diana, to Bruce, to Kal, to Shayera, and everyone else in between.


Duke Thomas

Barbara Gordon




animal man?


Plastic Man! And the conspiracy nut version of the Question.




Azreal, and Martian Manhunter


Babs. I would love to see a Batgirl film. People can’t get enough Batman shows. People want leading female heroes and they want them to be light and fun good for kids and families. Batgirl makes perfect sense. I would love to see a fun Batgirl movie.