Best couple for Dick Grayson?

I’m mainly a Babs guy myself (although I shipp him with Zatanna in Young Justice) but I’d love to see your views.

Babs 100% (Starfire is the worst) although I am ok with Zatanna in Young Justice as well

Kory works better for him I think, although I love the chemistry with Babs. Personally I think Dick is doomed to never have a successful monogamous relationship. His heroics will always get in the way. Babs will always be his closest confident/most intimate friend, and they will always love each other, but they will never wind up together forever. Kory is someone he will always come back to romantically but again its doomed to fail. I could see him having a kid with starfire I feel like that would be a great storyline (one which Kyle Higgins explored recently) but he will end up married to being a hero.

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