Best comics to check out?

I have always loved the DC universe, but have never been one to read comics. Since getting this service though I am finding that I am enjoying it a lot. Any recommendations that are on this service? Batman is my favorite, but I also like justice league. Also martian manhunter. You just dont see enough martian manhunter.


Agreed with Dogwelder re: Martian Manhunter. Ostrander’s run is the essential MM read.

As for Batman, try the “Batman: Black and White” collections. They’re a pretty nice sampling of a wide variety of takes on him.

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For Batman Year One is a good place to start.

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Batman: Issues 608-619 of Batman (1940-2011), which constitute the Hush arc.

City of Crime from Detective Comics (1937-2011) is great too. There’s a prelude to City of Crime in Detective #800, while the story begins in earnest in #801.

Martian Manhunter: the DC You MM series that ran from 2015-16. A very underrated series in general and among MM starring titles as well.

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JL as a team or seperate characters? I’m like and intermediate DC comics reader but I’ll try to give you longer series that you can read without huge crossovers you have to read:
JL: JLA (1997)
Batman: Batman (2011), especially first 12 issues. Batman and Robin (2011) if you want to read about Batman raising his birth son who is actually darker than him (but series has a lot of Alfred and heart). And my main recommendation would be Detective Comics (2016), which is the best Bat book of the last 5 years, or maybe more.
Martian Manhunter: It’s not finished yet and it’s not on DCU yet, but 12 issue miniseries by Steve Orlando is amazing but that’s my only contact with Martian Manhunter outside the JL.
Superman: Superman Birthright, All-Star Superman (in my top 10 comics I ever read), Lois and Clark + Superman 2016 (read one after another)
Green Arrow: Green Arrow (2001), then Green Arrow and Black Canary and then Green Arrow (2010)
Aquaman: Aquaman 2011 and then Aquaman 2016
Flash: Barry Allen is more known, and I only read 12 issue Flash series (2010) with him but I really enjoyed it and it’s easy to start with it.
Green Lantern: That’s where it gets rocky: Lanterns had a lot of series that had constant crossovers and I wouldn’t recommend reading it as one of the first things but it’s my favourite corner of the DC Universe, so I will link the reading order here: Start with Green Lantern (2005) #29-35 and then skip the list to Green Lantern: Rebirth #1 (2004) and then follow it unless you don’t like the series and just read crossover issues of it.
Wonder Woman: Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman (2016) and his run in Wonder Woman (1987) which goes like that:

Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia
Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #195-213
The Flash Vol. 2 #219
Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #214-217
Countdown to Infinite Crisis (zeszyt)
The OMAC Project #1 (2005)
Superman Vol. 2 #218
The OMAC Project #2
The OMAC Project #3
Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #218
Superman Vol. 2 #219
Action Comics #829
Adventures of Superman #642
Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #219
The OMAC Project #4
Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #220
Adventures of Superman #643
Superman Vol. 2 #220
The OMAC Project #5
The OMAC Project #6
Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #221-226
Infinite Crisis Special: The OMAC Project #1 (2006)

It’s probably the best thing I have ever read in DC Comics.

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I’m pretty new to comics myself, but I’ll offer a few suggestions. The Batman arcs the Long Halloween, Dark Victory, and the Court of Owls are definitely worth checking out. I will second the recommendation for Wonder Woman Rebirth. I read the first 24 issues recently and they are all great. Darkseid War is also pretty entertaining.

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Probably the best Superman story ever is Grant Morrison and Frank Quitley’s ALL-STAR SUPERMAN. It gets deep into what Superman is and about.

AFAIC, you can’t go wrong reading this series.


Here’s a sampling of Batman throughout the years.

–Golden Age–

Detective Comics #28:
Batman’s second appearance. His first one is a bit played out (and it’s a rehash of an old Shadow story), so go with this one for some variety.

Batman #7:
The Caped Crusader’s tensions with the police department finally come to an end after more than two years.

Batman #22:
Here’s a nice early showcase for both Robin and Alfred, and you even get a Catwoman story on top of that!

–Silver Age–

Batman #156:
This bizarre classic is essential reading if you ever want to tackle Grant Morrison’s late 00s masterpiece, Batman RIP.

Batman #171:
Riddle me this: when is a Bat-list not a Bat-list? Answer: when it is missing an essential Edward Nigma story!

Detective Comics #363:
Barbara Gordon is one smart cookie, but is she smart enough to outsmart the Batman? Find out at this bat-time, in this bat-issue!

–Bronze Age–

Batman #241:
Here’s a solid Dennis O’Neil detective story from the 70s, complete with an appearance by the irritating Arthur Reeves.

Detective Comics #439:
I’m trying not to default to all of the standard “best Batman stories of all time” with this list, but this issue really is essential reading.

Detective Comics #501-502:
Here is quite possibly the most important Alfred story ever written, even edging out his first appearance and that time he died (temporarily).

–Dark Age–

Batman Son of the Demon:
This Ra’s Al Ghul story has an ending so brave and bold that it was struck from canon for nearly two decades, but it’s a thrilling globetrotter adventure.

Batman #417-420:
The deadliest Russian this side of Rocky IV threatens to kill Ronald Reagan, and the Dark Knight isn’t going to let it happen.

Detective Comics #598-600:
The screenwriter for the 1989 Batman film jumps to the comics for a story that introduces a character who would later appear in Batman Begins.

–Modern Age–

Batman #655-658:
Grant Morrison starts off his run with a callback to Son of the Demon that also offers ninja man-bats. What more could you want?

Detective Comics #879-881:
Scott Snyder sends off the pre-Flashpoint era with a heartwarming look into the Gordon family. Did I say heartwarming? I meant bloodcurdling.

Batman #36-37:
Sometimes, you just need a double date to work things out. Such is the case with Batman and Superman, thanks to Tom King.

Martian Manhunter
Watch the video
Justice League The New Frontier

If you like it read the corresponding comics

It includes the origin of the character

Here is shorten version of a news article

Where to Start Reading Batman Comics
Joshua Lapin-Bertone
thursday April 11

shorted to just include stories

Batman: Year One

Batman Year two

Comics #575-578

Batman: Hush


“Daughter of the Demon”


Batman: The Long Halloween

The Long Halloween #1-13

Batman: Strange Apparitions

Steve Englehart comes on board
with Detective Comics #469-
479, but things really get
cooking when artist Marshall
Rogers joins him for issue #471
through the team’s fınal issue,

“The Court of Owls”

(2011) #1-7

“To Kill a Legend”

Comics #500

Batman: The Dark Knight

Resonates more powerfully if one has read a few of the above titles first.

If you have not read it already you must read the new 52 court of owls storyline

Dark Night Returns is a must