Best Comeback from the Death

After the recent Titans episode where they introduced Jason Todd as well as the Death of Superman storyline in the comics section, I was wondering what you thought was the best return from the dead for a character. It seems like you cannot be superhero without at least dying once.

Doom Patrol had my favorite death so far and I’m absolutely loved their return, it really kept me shocked despite already knowing the ending outcome.

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I love my return to the living. :wink:


Red Hood, he went from boy wonder, “I’ll have her home by 8 sir” to Red Hood, “she calls me daddy too” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Best return from death is also the best death ever, Barry Allen.


I’ll pop a coin in the bucket for Superman’s d&r.


I had heard of Doom Patrol’s death to clear the way for the new writer to return them. I will need to read those stories.
Barry’s death stood for something when you think hero’s ultimate sacrifice.
I did enjoy the long time waited to return Barry and Jason to the land of the living. Too often the deaths are very temporary but these two were meant to last. Originally you could not bring them back without negating their impact so it is a testament to the writers to bring them back and be as enjoyable as their deaths.

Does Doomsday count? If so, then him. I totally thought he was dead and was surprised when he showed signs of life.


Gotta go with Jason Todd. Never saw that one coming. When I read 'Hush" I had a “Whoa, WTF is going on here?” moment. And then bam ‘Under The Red Hood’