Best Clayface Stories?

I want to read more Clayface stories but I want to know what you guys would recommend. I recently gotten the Batman: The Dark Knight Clay story that retells the origin story of the character, and gotten the Batman Arkham stories collection of historical comics, but I want to know what else there is.

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You can find some recommendations spread throughout the posts here:

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Mud Pack. Detective # 604-607.


Ages ago in some Batman or Detective Comics annual, there was an anthology of villains in love or something like that. One of the stories was about Clayface 3 or 4, the one with the acidic death-touch, and it was written by Alan Moore. Let me go look it up…

Looks like it was Batman Annual #11 from 1987. image

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I heard both the Clayface and Penguin stories in that were good, and it’s Clayface 3, Preston Payne.